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Client Testimony

The Reiki Circle was magical, exciting and turly healing to the soul!!! I left the circle about 2 hours ago and I can still feel the Reiki energy flowing through me... aahhh so relaxing! ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA

The term 'retrograde' refers to planetary movement where the planet seems to move 'backwards' across the sky. Every planet has retrograde periods and the length of time and frequency in which they occur depend on where they are located in our solar system. Mercury retrogrades tend to happen approximately 3 times per year and last for about 3 1/2 weeks at a time. Based on the fact that mercury is so close to earth, many tend to feel the effects of mercury retrograde, though few understand WHY they feel they way they do.


What does this all mean?  It means, quite simply, that all forms of communication are more likely to go awry for the next month and we need to be aware that this is happening and be a little extra patient with ourselves and others during this time.  Cell phone calls can drop.  Computers can crash.  You get the wrong order at the drive-thru.  There are unexpected delays when travelling.  These are all examples of what can happen during a mercury retrograde period.

Mercury retrograde is a general period of frustration for many since communication efforts seem to go haywire.  As a result of this, many feel the desire to go inward and spend time in reflection. We know that communication is a two-way street.  On one hand, it has to do with us speaking and communicating to others about our needs, wants, etc.  However, during a retrograde period, the other aspect of communication is emphasized - listening.  This is what we need to do, yet during a retrograde it will seem as if nobody is listening and will cause much frustration.

Instead of attempting to push through the communication fog that will be everywhere, take a step back and realize that this is the time to go Within and Listen to our Inner Guidance to review where we are currently in our life and where to go next.  This is the opportunity to make changes to existing plans so we can be more efficient with our energy when we do move forward again.

Mercury retrogrades have a tendency to make us want to Review, Recallibrate, Reformulate, Renew and Repair what is no longer working in our lives.  Due to the fact that western culture is so focused on goal achievement and forward motion, we have been conditioned to keep moving forward and Go Go Go even when we are exhausted.  I highly recommend taking extra time to rest and restore and relax during this next phase.  Take time and enjoy Life. Take it easy. The entire human race is shifting in energy and has been for a while now and it's not over yet.

Many have been experiencing emotional hi's and low's and have found the past few months exceptionally difficult to navigate.  But still, we push forward through the exhaustion, multi-tasking and stress is at an all time high.  Many may have even fallen back into old behaviour patterns.  The time is NOW to reflect on what is old and no longer serves you in your life and to let go of the past.  Make a new plan for yourself, your life and change directions if necessary.  Clear out the clutter so when retrograde is over you can move forward efficiently and from a place of balance in your life.

The energy that is coming to us now is so high in vibration that it requires extra rest and 'down time' for our bodies and cell structures and DNA to process what is taking place for our Highest Good.  We are evolving and what is being created at this time within each and every one of us is of utmost importance.  Why would we want to rush such a beautiful thing?

You may notice people and situations resurfacing from your own past.  These people and situations are signposts to the spiritual traveller.  They are signs that show you how far you have come over the years and can also indicate where we need to Heal and Grow within our own lives.

Pay attention to these signs and know that this is the Universe showing you where you need to make adjustments.  Let go of old behaviour patterns and things that no longer assist in your growth at this time. There is no need to be angry or frustrated as we know that frustration is merely the ego at work.  Understand that frustration is illusion teaching us what we know is right, when in truth only the Universe knows what is best.

To give you an example of a historical event that occurred during a retrograde, recall if you will the Bush-Gore election in 2000.  Remember the ballot count screw-up in Florida?  That colossal event happened on the day that mercury in retrograde peaked.

Some basic rules of thumb one might choose to follow during a mercury retrograde are:
■ Don't hold an election during a retrograde
■ Back up your computer hard drive prior to retrograde
■ DO NOT reformat or upgrade your computer during a retrograde, the changes of a crash are very high during this time
■ Avoid making major purchases during a retrograde (cars, appliances, houses, etc.)
■ Do not finalize negotiations or sign contracts during a retrograde
■ Give yourself extra time when travelling
■ Avoid starting projects during a retrograde
■ Avoid launching websites during a retrograde
■ Finish up old projects
■ Clean house-Review & reorganize yourself and your life's path
■ Go inward and work on yourself

Know that your own future is calling to you and the winds of change are here.  Heed the signposts of mercury in retrograde and use these signs to hellp you change your course where necessary so you can reach your destination of your own Highest Potential in this life.  Namaste.