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Client Testimony

I have been overweight and have battled depression and low self esteem throughout the majority of my life.  Working with Julie, I have learned how to love myself for the first time!  Reiki has taught me how to nourish myself in healthy ways.  I used to struggle with fad diets and intense food cravings.  It seemed that no matter what I tried, I couldn't lose any weight.  Now I understand that the reason why my body was holding onto excess weight was emotional.  Since I started healing with Reiki, the weight is suddenly coming off!  Most importantly, I beileve in myself now.  Thank you Julie, for helping me learn how to become the woman of my dreams! ~ Naomi, Los Angeles

I am being guided to remind some of you who are considering making changes in your life but find yourself faced with fears, doubt or hesitation at this time...

This past Sunday's eclipse may have brought some new beginnings and now you are faced with fears and uncertainty. Know that sometimes our ego may flare up just prior to making big changes because the subconscious mind and ego does not like change and thrives on fear. It doesn't mean that the change isn't positive or good, it simply is an indication that our ego is at work. When we remind ourselves of this, it is easier to push the ego aside and continue making strides towards our highest potential. We simply cannot let our fears run our lives as it will only keep us going in circles. Here's to you stepping out of the cycle of circling around in life and creating a new path for yourself! Change is good!