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Client Testimony

I enjoyed Julie’s energy, down to earth personality, and teaching style.  Julie’s ability to articulate and seamlessly transition using her intuition was a treat.  I'm sure our paths will cross again very soon. ~ Ann C., Los Angeles

The Goddess Demeter grieved over the loss of her daughter Persephone, who was stolen from her and hidden away in the Underworld.   As Demeter grieved, the plants in the Upper World began to wither and lose their leaves and a cold chill spread across the land.  Demeter’s tears turned into snowflakes and thus the season of winter was born.

Winter is the dark time of year when plants go dormant and animals go into hibernation to await the return of the sun’s warmth and renewal of spring.  We naturally feel the urge to go within at this time.  During this time of year there is less sunlight, which is a major factor in our own health and wellbeing from a holistic perspective which doesn’t just take into consideration the physical wellbeing of the individual, but the mental, emotional and spiritual components as well.

Over generations and through the advancements of technology, people are spending less and less time outdoors.  We have become used to our climate controlled environments and only seem to go outdoors when it is necessary – to go to work (in another climate controlled building), run errands or spend time in other buildings.  And then we hop into our machines that transport us from one synthetic environment to the next.  Simply put, we have become detached from the natural world and even more so during the cold winter months.

Sunlight is a major factor in our health and wellbeing.  Sunlight is our number one source for Vitamin D, which has profound effects on the brain, including the neurotransmitters involved in depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD).  It has been discovered through medical and scientific research that deficiencies in Vitamin D are linked to 18 types of cancer, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory issues, especially in children.

Vitamin D can be absorbed into our body through other means, such as foods, supplements and phototherapy (simulated sunlight exposure from a lamp-like device).  Foods rich in Vitamin D include kelp, seafood (salmon, herring, cod liver oil, halibut, oysters, trout) as well as soy milk, milk and some cereal products on the market. 

Vitamin D supplements are also available, but please speak to a doctor or nutritionist as the body will only absorb so much at once and you need to have a balanced combination of other vitamins in your system for the supplements to be properly absorbed into the body system.  Note that Vitamin D increases the absorption of Calcium in to the body so check first with your doctor if you are susceptible to kidney stones.

Even though there are these other ways of increasing our Vitamin D levels, it has been shown that we cannot absorb enough Vitamin D through these methods alone.  Sunlight is still the best source.  Phototherapy, which is simulated sunlight exposure through a lamp is sometimes prescribed to help individuals with SAD. 

Spending time in nature and being in sunlight even ten minutes a day will do wonders for your health and mood.  Exposure to the sun causes the pineal gland to increase levels of serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine which act to promote wakefulness and elevate mood.  Trees are similar in their energy field to humans and have a balancing effect on our body’s energy.  Simply sitting underneath a tree and connecting to the energy of the earth during meditating facilitates an energetic release of negative energy which the earth and the tree utilize as ‘fertilizer’ for growth.  So as you heal yourself, you also help the natural world in this manner.

However, if the weather is just too terrible to venture outside there are additional methods one can use to uplift their mood.  Bach Flower Remedies are great, using natural plant medicine to gently work with all aspects of the body system to improve mood, mental clarity and more.  St. Johns Wort is another herb that has been used to aid in depression.  However, if you are taking any medication, please check with your doctor first as it may interfere with the effectiveness of other medications.

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils to change the energy of a room or within an individual is excellent.  Lavender is calming and cleansing.  Orange and citrus scents are uplifting.  Orange Bergamot is balancing to our emotional body and Rose invokes the energy of love.  If you can’t afford pure Rose oil, which can be expensive, Rose-geranium essential oil is a much cheaper alternative with the same effects.

If you are drawn to the world of crystals, know that the darker colored stones are grounding stones which are more absorbing in their energy and connect you deeply to the energy of the earth to help facilitate the release of negative emotions and energy into the earth (or stone).  Use smoky quartz, black tourmaline or hematite to absorb depression energy from your body temple.  Garnet is also excellent to help bring order to chaotic emotions and ground them into the earth. 

Once the lower vibrational energy has been released into the earth or the grounding stone, you will want to fill the ‘void’ with light.  Clear quartz crystal is an amplifier of energy and if you connect to the energy of love you can use this stone to send light to your emotional body. 

Amethyst is also excellent to use for clearing away toxic emotions and producing feelings of calmness.  Amethyst is an excellent stone to help with stress as well.  After an extremely stressful situation that leaves you feeling 'shaken', holding onto an amethyst crystal can help gently bring the emotions and etheric body back into balance.  Rose quartz is a beautiful pink colored crystal that resonates with the energy of Universal love and is very gentle in its energy.  Green diopside helps heal the heart as well as connect to the energy of the earth and can even help facilitate communication with earth energies and the faery realm. 

Use these stones in meditation, by holding them in your hands or over parts of the body where you feel your emotions are ‘trapped’, in the bath or as an elixir by dropping them into a glass of water and then consuming the water and energies of the stone. Please do NOT use any green or blue stone in an elixir as these stones most likely contain copper which is toxic to the body system.

Do not underestimate the effects of color on our body, mind and spirit.  When we feel down and depressed, we generally gravitate to darker colors and ‘soak’ in that energy.  If you feel you are depressed and are tired of being in that space, the use of color in your wardrobe can help you elevate yourself from the depths of depression. 
Light colors are uplifting and calming to the eye and the etheric body.  The color yellow lifts the spirit, light blue is calming and pink aligns us with the energy of Universal Love.  Red is the color of our life force but note that with some people who are naturally ‘fiery’ by nature find that red can be too powerful, making them feel agitated.  Green is the color of healing as well as the color of the heart chakra.  Play with color in your wardrobe and see how the use of color (especially when it is close to the face) can help facilitate a positive mood.

And of course, do not forget the healing power of sound and how we use music to lift ourselves up when we are feeling down.  Medical case studies and vibratory research are finally proving what the Ancients have always known to be true.  Sound is a powerful tool which can be used for healing.  Play music that lifts your spirits and makes you want to move your body and dance and sing.

Here is a recipe for a simple Ritual Bath to help cleanse away negativity and lift your mood:

 1 cup salt to the bath (any kind of salt will do – Epsom salts, sea salt, iodized salt, doesn’t matter)
 Several drops of Lavender essential oil to produce feelings of peace and calm

Soak in the bath for 20 minutes or more, until the bath water starts to get cold.  It helps amplify the energy if you visualize yourself being cleansed with light while you soak.  If the salt bath is too drying during these cold winter months, add a tablespoon of cider vinegar to adjust the Ph levels of the bath.  Salt is a natural purifier as it absorbs negative energy.  Not only does it detoxify the skin but it cleanses away negative energy from the etheric body and helps to produce a strong and vibrant aura.  Following the bath I anoint myself with Rose-Geranium oil to help attract positive healing energies of Love to my body, mind and spirit.  Men may prefer to use the scent of Orange Bergamot or Bergamot oil during this step.  Rosemary is another excellent purifier that can be used in the bath as a replacement for Lavender oil.  Use this technique as often as you like until you feel a shift in energy.

As we work with the subtle energies of the natural & spiritual worlds as described above, know that our intention to to heal and restore balance to our bodies, minds and spirits amplifies its healing effects.  Another way of deepening the healing process and amplifying positivity is through the combination of the above-mentioned suggestions with a meditation practice.  Scientific studies have proven that meditation not only increases the gray matter in the brain (UCLA study) but also greatly reduces the production of norepinephrine in the brain for 24 hours at a time.  Norepinephrine is the key hormone that the body produces during times of stress.  Norepinephrine can help us feel alert and awake when we are tired but too much of this neurotransmitter can also cause feelings of irritability and anxiety. 

As you spend time in the sun and in nature, see sense and feel the energy of the sun as it shines upon you and through you.  Breathe in its warmth and its light through your skin and you will feel an instant shift within the body temple.  Simply connect to your breath and simply breathe in and out slowly, consciously taking deep breaths.  See in your minds eye or imagine the air you breathe as colored or white light filling your lungs and heart center, then spreading throughout your body until you are completely filled with light.  If your mind becomes distracted, gently bring it back to focus and keep breathing deep and slow, relaxing every part of your body for at least ten minutes, twice a day.  Combine this practice while you walk in nature or sit in a purification bath and you will be feeling better in no time at all. 

"All healing is first a healing of the heart." ~ Carl Townsend

***The suggestions contained within this article are not intended to treat or diagnose any mental or mood disorder, nor are they intended to replace or be a substitution for any medical or psychiatric treatment.  If your depression is ongoing and you have suicidal thoughts, please consult the advice of a licensed medical and/or psychiatric professional.***