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Client Testimony

I have a skin condition called Psoriasis that has been effecting the back of my ears and lower part of my scalp. I have been suffering with this condition for about 3 or 4 years now. I received my Reiki 1 attunement with Julie a week ago and to my amazement, 6 days into my self-treatment, I noticed that the Psoriasis behind my right ear was about 98% cleared up! It wasn't itchy or inflamed at all… ~ Sage O., Northridge, CA

Retrogrades, Eclipses and Endings – Oh My!  Yes, my friends, mercury is going retrograde one final time this year so mark your calendars and get your holiday shopping done early. And that’s not all. We’re in for a wild and bumpy ride this holiday season!

Here’s the quick and dirty breakdown:  Mercury goes into Retrograde while transiting Capricorn on 12/10/10 at 7:04am EST until 12/18/10 when Mercury Retrograde continues, moving into the sign of Sagittarius.  In addition to this, there are other planetary shifts taking place between Mercury, Pluto and Mars bringing tension and tempers and tension to a head.  There is a full moon and total lunar eclipse which will bring news and unexpected events on the Winter Solstice 12/21/10 at 1:32am EST while the moon is in Gemini, transiting into Capricorn at 4:22am.  After all of this, Mercury finally goes direct on 12/30/10 at 2:21am EST, just in time for the New Year. 

Though this Mercury Retrograde period will affect people with sun and rising signs of Capricorn and Sagittarius the most, everyone will feel its effects in some way or another.  This planetary transit usually happens about 3 times per year (though this year we got hit 4 times) and lasts for about 3 1/2 weeks each period as the planet appears to move in a backward fashion across the galaxy.  Since the planet mercury is so close to the earth, we can feel the effects of this retrograde period energetically within our own bodies, minds and lives.

Mercury, the planet and the God in general rules mental processes, communication, commerce, trade, travel and electronics.  During this time we may feel a deep need to go inward and find solitude in our thoughts.  Mercury retrograde periods tend to enhance feelings of confusion which only enhances and breeds further miscommunication as events in our lives are in flux at this time and change is definitely in the air.  The main rule of thumb during a mercury retrograde period is to be patient, expect miscommunication and ask plenty of detailed questions during this time to avoid miscommunication as best as possible.

Some basic rules of thumb one might choose to follow during a mercury retrograde are:
-Go inward and work on yourself
-Meditate often
-Embrace healing
-Heal past emotional wounds
-DO NOT reformat or upgrade your computer during a retrograde, the changes of a crash are very high during this time
-Back up your computer hard drive PRIOR to retrograde
-Avoid making major purchases during a retrograde (cars, appliances, houses, etc.)
-Do not finalize negotiations or sign contracts during a retrograde
-Don't hold an election during a retrograde
-Give yourself extra time when travelling
-Avoid starting projects during a retrograde
-Avoid launching websites during a retrograde
-Finish up old projects
-Clean house
-Review & reorganize yourself and your life's path
-Rethink, Re-define, Re-plan, Re-view, Re-organize, Re-evaluate, Renew, Repair

When Mercury Retrograde transits through a particular sun sign, our thought processes and attitudes are greatly influenced by that particular sign.  This time Mercury Retrograde begins in Capricorn on December 10th and then moves back into Sagittarius on December 18th.   The influence of Capricorn during this retrograde period presents to us the perfect time to review our plans and long-term goals.  We will feel the need to organize and restructure our homes, our lives.  On the positive side, the strong earthy nature of Capricorn will give you the stamina to hold true and persevere for the long stretch.  Also be aware of conflicts between the heart and the head at this time.

As if dealing with mercury retrograde isn’t enough, some other planets come into play and we feel their effects beginning in early December through the 17th.  Tempers will flare on the 13th and 14th of December as Mars and Pluto come into the mix.  Then we may feel another spike in energy on the 16th and 17th as Jupiter comes into play which could incite some drastic change which may take things out of our control. This is a powerful time for transformation.

Pay attention to your own energy through the 17th as it can be easily thrown off balance.  The Mars/Pluto combination from what I understand is highly powerful but often volatile and is not to be taken lightly.  Be aware of power struggles and the Ego at these times.  It is highly recommended to lay low on these days.  Skate to the left and avoid confrontation of all kinds.  Avoid war zones and mob scenes (i.e. the shopping mall!).  Another reason to finish your holiday shopping early!
On December 18th, Mercury Retrogrades back into Sagittarius. In order to avoid drastic miscommunication that could lead to upset and the need for apologies, we will need to consider our words very carefully. At this time we will need to learn to focus and direct our mind, and to get all the details before drawing any conclusions.  Be aware of the Ego at this time as well as dishonesty by others through the end of the month.

On the 21st the Winter Solstice we will experience a full moon and total lunar eclipse.  Lunar eclipses bring news, change, endings, unexpected events and can reveal hidden truths.  The news and events that will take place usually occur within 5 days before or after an eclipse.  This lunar eclipse begins in Gemini and then moves into Cancer.  People with those sun signs as well as signs opposite those (Capricorn & Sagittarius) need to pay extra attention to their health.  Go to the doctors and get that checkup.  Keep solid on that workout routine and be sure to eat healthy and get plenty of rest ESPECIALLY because of the added holiday stress!

Lunar eclipses occur when the moon is full and generally tend to signify an ending of some kind.  When the moon is full our intuition is heightened, as well as the watery ‘tides’ of our emotions, memories and dreams.  A lunar eclipse is an extremely powerful Full Moon and will most definitely hit us hard as it is always difficult to let go of things.  The fact that this eclipse is happening on the Winter Solstice makes it even more powerful.   Oftentimes events that occur on the day of a lunar eclipse seem to be destined or fated in some way.   Attention magickal practitioners, though the full moon is very powerful and lunar eclipses are like ‘super moons’, please note that the moon is void of course from 3:13am EST until it transits into Cancer at 4:22am on the 21st. It is NOT beneficial to perform magic at that specific time.

This eclipse will reveal truths in unexpected ways and you may learn the true character and motivations of a person during this time so be open and aware.  Eclipses can also bring unexpected miracles into our lives, granting wishes. But with these wishes being granted we will be forced to face new challenges and fears.  Move forward and face your fears, they will reveal surprising strengths about you that you never knew existed.  Eclipses can change your life for the better in ways you never dreamed, impacting your entire life.  Be open to the possibility!  If you have been working hard towards a goal, the eclipse could help you move forward propelling you to the actualization of your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires!  Remember, perspective is always a choice!

I would highly recommend approaching the celestial events that will be taking place this month from a place of great learning and opportunity for growth. Things are in flux and changing, we can feel the shifts that are taking place and we need to go through these shifts if we are to grow and evolve out of state we have been in and I just don’t mean a personal state.  This also includes the state of the economy, society, the planet.  Every choice is an opportunity for us to go in the direction of manifesting our dreams.   We are being tested and we can choose to suffer from the tests that are being given to us or we can choose to learn from them. 

Tensions will already be high from the holiday stress.  It is crucial to be aware of the Ego throughout the month.  Work with it and learn from it.  The best plan of action to maintain control and balance of your own energy is to vent out your energy and excess stress regularly through exercise and through grounding techniques.   Think of this is a pressure release valve when times are tense so you don’t ‘blow’.  Physical venting of excess energy through exercising, dancing, hiking, organizing, cleaning or having sex (with yourself or a willing partner) is the best outlet.  Salt baths, regular meditation and getting as much sunshine as possible can help as well. 

Embrace the changes that will be coming your way!  Trust that change is occurring for your Highest Good.  To help you clear out the old and prepare for the year ahead you may wish to read my previous blog The Trick to Letting Things Go or take this weekend's Cord Cutting Workshop.  If you feel depressed or moody during this month, here are some tips on how to Navigate through Depression During the Dark Time of Year.  If you maintain a positive perspective through Awareness and work to keep your own energy balanced and clear you will be able to navigate through the celestial shifts with relative ease.  And of course if you feel overwhelmed and unable to deal with it all on your own, feel free to book a Reiki session with me to help manage your stress and maintain ideal health of body, mind and spirit.  I am always here to help in any way that I can.

For more information on how these planetary transits will affect you specifically, please consult an astrologer and have your birth chart read.  Have a safe and abundant holiday season!  Namaste.