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Client Testimony

I have a skin condition called Psoriasis that has been effecting the back of my ears and lower part of my scalp. I have been suffering with this condition for about 3 or 4 years now. I received my Reiki 1 attunement with Julie a week ago and to my amazement, 6 days into my self-treatment, I noticed that the Psoriasis behind my right ear was about 98% cleared up! It wasn't itchy or inflamed at all… ~ Sage O., Northridge, CA

Ascension is a term that is frequently used in the metaphysical and new age communities which quite simply refers to the process of raising one’s vibration to be in alignment with Source energy.  Source energy has also been referred to as God-force energy, Goddess-force energy, Life Force energy, Universal Consciousness and/or the All and the Everything, depending on what spiritual tradition you affiliate yourself with.  The process of Ascension is primarily spiritual in nature, though it has many positive benefits which affect all areas of our life.  When we align our Self with Source energy, we are in Harmony with All that Is, in balance with Self as well as the entire Universe.  We are not governed or motivated by the ego and in these moments we experience peace, true happiness, mental clarity and physical wellbeing.

When one makes the process of Ascension a practice and a lifestyle, mere ‘moments’ of clarity expand and extend to have more lasting effects that trickle out into all areas of our life.  Physical healing occurs, aches and pains in the body tend to disappear, our mood elevates and we experience a peaceful and happy existence.  Our creativity thrives and we become abundant in all the things that we seek – health, wealth, happiness, increased intuition, manifestation of our dreams, etc.  The true ‘secret’ behind the film popular film The Secret is contained within the Self and is accessed through the process of Ascension.  Ascension is the key that unlocks the door to manifesting your desires.  The Law of Attraction exists and we attract that which is like us and is similar in vibration.  If we wish to have all that we desire in this life, it begins within each of us and starts with us raising our vibration so that we live in blissful Harmony with Source.  Yes, it takes effort and work – but you ARE worth it!

New age cosmology incorporates a delightful fusion of science and spirituality and we are discovering more and more that quantum physics is now proving what the ancients have always known to be true.  Einstein taught us that everything has a vibration or a resonance to it.  When physical objects are viewed under a high powered microscope one is able to see the individual cells that create the structure of that object.  When looking at them more closely, we discover that the cells are not even truly touching each other but are vibrating next to each other at different rates of speed.  Solid matter vibrates at a slower rate than liquid matter and gas vibrates even faster.

Water is an excellent example to use here as in its neutral state it is in liquid form but when we freeze it, the molecules slow down as the temperature drops and eventually transforms from a liquid into solid matter.  Conversely when we heat up water the molecules move more and more quickly and steam is created, transforming what was liquid into a gas form.  All things in the physical world including our physical bodies have a vibration to it.  Our bones, blood and organs – everything has a resonance to it – even our thoughts and emotions!  But I skip ahead. 

The energy system of the human body known as the Chakra System contains 7 major chakras within the physical body that exist along the spinal column from the base of the spine (root chakra) to the very top of our head (crown chakra).   Each chakra governs a set of organs and glands within the body temple.  The vibration of the root chakra and the organs contained within it are much slower in vibration (7.8 Hz) than the other chakras.  Each chakra above the root moving up towards the crown has a different frequency and increases in vibration until we get to the crown, which is of the highest vibration in the physical body (54.6 Hz).

If you could imagine your body and each of the chakras contained within it having a corresponding musical note or tone, the state of optimal health would produce a beautiful symphony of sound and HARMONY.  When one of the organs or chakras is not functioning properly it creates disharmony in the body temple as it vibrates at a different frequency than it should and would be the musical equivalent of a symphony where the brass section is out of tune.  Eventually this disharmony would result in the manifestation of physical dis-ease.  For those of you who are local to the Los Angeles area, I will be teaching a full day immersion and exploration of the Chakra System in January 2012.  In class we will learn how to balance and clear each of the chakra through sound, meditation, crystals and a variety of other techniques.  Sign up for the Newsletter for information on class dates!

In holistic medicine it is believed that we have not just one aspect of the Self but four which include the physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body.   A holistic healing practice such as Reiki works with all the different facets of the Self so we may experience wholeness and that we may grow, evolve and heal in a balanced way.  The quest of being Harmony with All begins with Harmony of the Self.  Reiki and other forms of energy medicine work to elevate the frequencies within all aspects of our being, helping us in our Ascension.

Physically, we can raise our vibration by eating healthy foods and taking proper care of the body temple, as it is the vehicle through which we manifest and experience everything in life.  Getting plenty of rest, exercise and proper hydration by drinking lots of water are very important.  Choosing to eat nourishing foods such as fruits and vegetables and avoiding acid producing foods like soda, red meat, dairy, sweets and bread products makes a huge difference in physical energy level and mood.  Avoid processed foods and fast food as they are filled with chemicals that are toxic to our system and lower our vibration.  Some individuals may choose to incorporate some kind of a detox or cleanse into their life to remove any physical toxins from the body system.  Please check with your health care provider before taking supplements or making any drastic dietary changes.

It is said that if you can learn to discipline your mind that you can change your life.  The mind is the gateway to achieving a deep understanding all levels of our being.  Our thoughts also have vibration to them.  Thoughts that are negative and critical of the self or others are low in vibration.  Becoming mindful is a beautiful process of self discovery.  It is the realization of self-limiting beliefs and seeking to change that which has programmed within us by the media, our upbringing, religion, society, etc.  It is the process of becoming aware of negative thought patterns and attitudes we have towards our Self and the outside world and changing them by neutralizing them and replacing them with positive thoughts and affirmations that are in alignment with that which you would like to invoke into your life. 

Meditation is highly recommended as it is a very useful tool in raising one’s vibration.  It has also been proven that 20 minutes of meditation per day reduces the production of norepinephrine (stress hormone) for 24 hours in the physical body.  Before I learned how to heal with Reiki I created a healing meditation for myself and over the course of 6 weeks I went from needing sinus surgery to having a perfectly healthy sinus cavity.   Meditation is an amazing tool that anyone can learn to use and you can take it with you anywhere, anytime throughout the entire journey of your life. 

Quieting the mind can be a challenge for some when they are first learning to meditate.  This happens when the mind is in control of you and you are not in control of your thoughts.  The mental body is out of balance and thoughts run rampant, like an out of control child.  Multi-tasking actually destroys brain cells whereas meditation increases gray matter in the brain, according to recent UCLA studies.  Learning how to focus on one thing intensely is very helpful in training the mind. 

For those individuals who have never meditated before, I recommend beginning in small amounts, maybe just 5 minutes to start and increasing minute by minute each day.  Training the mind to be in a meditative state is similar to what happens when a person begins a new exercise routine.  It can be difficult at first, but over time it gets easier.  If you are not sure as to which kind of meditation style to begin with, you may wish to start with a guided meditation or simply relaxing the body and following the flow of your breath consciously, breathing in deep and slow.  If your mind gets distracted, simply return it back to focusing on the breath.  There is a guided meditation at each of the monthly Reiki Circles that you may wish to attend or you may wish to check out my previous blog post Learning to Meditate: An Exercise in Emptying the Mind.  You may also choose to watch any of the guided meditations I have created online by clicking here.

Clearing the emotional body seems be the most challenging for many individuals as western thinking is predominantly left-brain and logical.  As we know, emotions are matters of the heart and often defy logic completely.  Many of us have had the experience of worrying about an upcoming test or presentation or some other event to the point that we make ourselves physically ill.  This is a prime example of how our thoughts and emotions can affect our health.  There have also been medical studies that have shown how emotional stress can affect and even shrink the thymus gland, which is located near the heart (our emotional center).

A valuable lesson can be learned from observing the actions and behavior of small children and infants when it comes to our emotional health and wellbeing.  We all know that infants cry – A LOT.  When you take away their toy, they cry. Then a moment later they are distracted and are as happy as can be.  There is some wisdom in this.  When we allow ourselves to feel and express our emotions in the moment we release that energy from our body.  When we do not, we hold that energy within.  At some point in our lives an adult told us to “stop crying like a baby”.  It was in these moments where we first learned to ‘stuff’ our emotions.

What does this mean?  Imagine a situation from you own past that was hurtful to you.  Perhaps someone rejected you in some way or betrayed your trust.  Remember the incident.  Does it still hurt?  Does it make you feel sad, angry, depressed?  The fact that you can still feel the emotion shows that you have not released it.  You are still holding the energy of that emotion within you, within your emotional body and even your physical body.  

Someone once told me that emotions are simply energy in motion.  When I am feeling emotional it helps me to remind myself of this.  The energy of our emotions is real and it wants to be expressed.  When we do not honor our feelings or give ourselves the time to feel them fully and completely the energy is not released from our physical body.  Over time it is absorbed and held in cell tissue, muscles and organs.  If we do not work to clear our emotional body, eventually the energy will become something else.  As everything in the Universe evolves and changes, eventually the lower vibrational ‘heavy’ emotional energy will evolve into what we call disharmony or dis-ease in the body temple.

A very important step in clearing the emotional body and raising our vibration begins with Self Acceptance.  Many individuals do not accept themselves for who they truly are. They hide aspects of their being and feel ashamed for not being what they were told they ‘should’ be to be a good person in society, etc.  Feelings of shame and guilt compound this and energy is suppressed and stuffed down even more.  We wear ‘masks’ to present ourselves in a certain way to the outside world, whether it is the way we dress, the car we drive, the material possessions we own make us ‘appear’ to be a certain way.  But in truth, these are mere functions of the ego and are not truly who we are but tools of illusion.

Another important factor in clearing the emotional body is the conquering of one’s fears.  Fear is the lowest vibration of all the emotions, whereas love is the highest.  The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear.  Fear keeps us from going where we need to go in life.  It keeps us from having the life experiences we need to have for our learning and growth.  I mentioned a simple meditation earlier of breathing in love and breathing out fear for the purposes of ascension.  Embrace the energy of love in your life and release the fear that holds you back, lowers your vibration and keeps you from Harmony with Source.

Many clients come to me to heal with Reiki energy as it is a very powerful tool that can be used to clear and balance the chakra system as well as help with the clearing and balancing of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.   Reiki is Spiritual Conscious Life Force energy.  Also known as God-force, Goddess-force, Universal, it is Source energy.  It transforms and transmutes lower vibrational energy into a higher frequency to primarily restore physical health to the recipient.  Reiki can also be used as a tool for Ascension as it opens the gateways to all dimensions and invites interaction with spiritual guides such as the Angels, Archangels, Master Teachers and multi-dimensional beings of the Highest Light. 

I teach Reiki 1 through Master Degree not only as a method and technique which can be use to assist in the healing others, but also as a path of self discovery and Ascension.  Reiki has been the key in my own life that has brought all aspects of my being together as One and in Harmony with All.  It has opened doors for me to explore and experience life and the spiritual realms in ways I never dreamed possible.  That is why I have dedicated my life to its teachings, so I may share its blessings with the world.

Where we are right now in our life (our health, our finances, our relationships, happiness, etc.) is very revealing about our personal energy because after all, like attracts like.  It can be said that where we are in this moment is the sum total result of every choice, action and decision we have made throughout the body of our lives.  We have free will and the power of choice.  We need to be profoundly aware of this power each of us has at this time.  Now is the time we are being called into action and to have the Awareness of how our choices, actions and decisions affect our own personal energy system.  What we consume, how we think, the people and things we focus our attention on all affect our personal energy and our frequency.   We make hundreds of choices every single day.  Each one has the ability to raise or lower our vibration and can either help or hinder our own Ascension process and manifesting the life of our dreams.  Spirit is guiding us to be wise in the choices that we make at this time as we truly DO create our own reality with every single choice, action and decision that we make.  Namaste!