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Client Testimony

One of the wonderful aspects of Reiki is that it addresses spiritual and emotional healing as well as the physical. When I started on the Reiki path with Julie, I thought I was there to heal a sprained ankle. Now I realise that I was there to heal my soul, too. ~ C.K., Granada Hills

Maintaining balance is an artform. To me, it is surrendering myself to life's sacred dance and allowing myself to be in its flow. Everyone has a different rhythm and unique style to their own dance of life that they alone must discover. Sometimes we may feel tired or exhausted making constant adjustments to maintain balance. Remember that during these times you are not alone and that there is enough energy to sustain you and get you through whatever transition you are experiencing at this time in your life. Ask your guides for help. They are around you, but you need to put the intention out there and ask for help in order to shift the energy flow and direct it into your life as you wish.  Namaste.