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Client Testimony

For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session. ~ Jill K., Los Angeles

Solar eclipses always occur on the new moon.  They tend to mark new beginnings and are generally more positive in nature than negative.  A solar eclipse takes place when the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun.  The moon obscures the light of the Sun from the Earth.  The energy of the Sun has always been regarded as fiery and masculine in nature.  Because of this, the energy of a solar eclipse is more likely to affect males more intensely than females.

 Lunar eclipses always occur when the moon is full and tend to signify an ending of some kind.  A lunar eclipse takes place when the when the Earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon.  The Earth obscures the light of the Sun shining upon the Moon.  Oftentimes events that occur on the day of a lunar eclipse seem to be destined or fated in some way.

The energy of the Moon, especially the Full Moon has always been regarded as feminine in nature and therefore will affect women more strongly than men.   When the moon is full our intuition is heightened, as well as the watery ‘tides’ of our emotions, memories and dreams.  A lunar eclipse is an extremely powerful Full Moon and will most definitely hit us hard as it is always difficult to let go of things.

If you find yourself faced with an ending and need help letting something go, please see my previous blog posting The Trick to Letting Things Go.  Regardless of whether or not you see the news the upcoming eclipses bring you as positive or negative, these eclipses are taking place to help us move forward in life, to learn and to grow and better ourselves in ways that perhaps we would not normally choose for ourselves.  Ultimately, these events and changes that take place are for our Highest Good.  How do we know when something is happening for our Highest Good in life?  Because it IS happening.

Eclipses can bring rapid change into our lives and it may seem as if life is in fast forward.  The days surrounding an eclipse can also affect our sense of time.  Many times, eclipses will bring external events into our lives that affect us internally, inspiring change from within.  This will be in the form of news and big life events that are powerful, direct & lasting.  Whatever the eclipse brings into your life, be open and embrace the change!  Accept whatever news you receive as truth and move forward, focusing on the future instead of the past.

If an eclipse falls in your sign or opposite (i.e. Gemini/Sagittarius) your sign, it is always a good rule of thumb to pay attention to your health at this time.  Go to the doctors and get that checkup.  Keep solid on that workout routine and be sure to eat healthy and get plenty of rest.  Many times the rapid changes brought about by an eclipse will either cause some stress or the need to react quickly so it will be in your best interest to stay healthy and keep your wits about you!

It is better to listen and react rather than setting forth your own agendas and plans at this time.  Avoid ultimatums and serious relationship talks at this time or it may lead to someone being ‘eclipsed’ from your life.  Consider opportunities revealed to you by others at this time, but do not make your own announcements or big decisions.  If you can, wait at LEAST a week for the ‘cosmic dust’ to settle as plans generally do not work out as expected.   For instance it is ok to accept a new job, but don’t quit your job at this time. 

Truth tends to surface like a geyser during eclipse timing.  The light of truth will reveal things in unexpected ways and you may learn the true character and motivations of a person during this time. Know that whatever ‘space’ is created in your life through endings brought on by the upcoming lunar eclipse, it will be replaced.  This is the Universe’s way of making room for other things to come in your life.  Remember that control is merely an illusion and that no matter how hard we may struggle to keep things ‘status quo’ the Universe needs to shake things up a bit or else we would never grow in ways we need to in this life.

Eclipses can also bring unexpected miracles into our lives, granting wishes. But with these wishes being granted we will be forced to face new challenges and fears.  Move forward and face your fears, they will reveal surprising strengths about you that you never knew existed.

The news and events that will take place usually occur within 5 days before or after an eclipse.  However, it can be longer than that, this is just a guideline.  The news isn’t always going to be frightening.  Eclipses can change your life for the better in ways you never dreamed, impacting your entire life.  Be open to the possibility!  If you have been working hard towards a goal, the eclipse could help you move forward propelling you to the actualization of your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires!  Perspective is always a choice!