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Client Testimony

My experiences with Shamanic Reiki will forever be memorable ones due to the fact that my master teacher, Julie, has done everything in her power to fully detail the spiritual aspects in each class session, which have taught me to perform valuable tasks in my life. ~ Patricia

First Transmission

"The experience of life in a finite, limited body is specifically for the purpose of discovering and manifesting supernatural (infinite) existence within the finite." -Pythagoras

The Age of Aquarius has officially begun, marking the end of duality and the beginning of a new era, new ways of thinking, and great change.  Numerous planetary transits in recent years have assisted in shifting the vibration of the earth and everything upon it.  The frequency and magnitude of these celestial events will only increase as we approach the Winter Solstice on December 21st, 2012. 

Solar flare activity is at an all-time high as the sun completes its eleven year rotation cycle, bringing active sunspot regions into direct alignment with the earth.  To give you an idea, in 2009 there were 260 days without sunspots.   In 2010 there were a total of 51 days that sunspots did not occur.  There were only two days in 2011 without sunspots and sunspots occur every single day to this day in 2012.  Solar flare intensity and activity is predicted to reach its peak at the end of 2012.

Prophecies had spoken of the three days of darkness which began on Sunday’s new moon (also known as the dark moon) and annular solar eclipse.  Interestingly, solar activity has remained low in the days following.  Ancient earth based traditions regard the new moon as a time for new beginnings.  Solar eclipses are also known for new beginnings and dramatic, unexpected changes.  Cultures from the Mayans to the Hopi assert that with the advent of the new moon and solar eclipse this past Sunday, a New Earth was born.

*     *     *

To my left, I hear the familiar crunching sound as Eartha, my little Russian tortoise munches happily on her breakfast of fresh kale.  Outside my window, small birds are twittering excitedly in a nearby tree.  An occasional car passes by.  I close my eyes and take a deep breath and release it slowly, grounding and centering.  As I settle into the rhythm of my breath, I set my intention to connect to Spirit for the purposes of channeling a message from my Spirit Teachers and Guides.  I continue my process as I am guided, releasing and opening, aligning myself to the very highest vibrations of light.

This is the first of a series of channeled messages from high vibration light beings existing in other dimensional realities.  These transmissions are messages of love and guidance from my Spirit Teachers and Guides.  Sometimes one specific guide will come through with a message to share, other times the messages come from many guides simultaneously as one consciousness.  All that comes through during these transmissions is for the highest good of All things, to assist the human race in achieving their goals of ascension, healing, growth and in co-creating a New Earth together at this significant point in history.

The following transmission is from an 8th dimensional light being we will refer to as Andromeda, who brings messages of guidance, love, and support to All during these changing times:

This past Sunday, a New Earth was born in another dimension and alternate reality, overlapping and providing a new structure and foundation for the fabric of your 3D reality, supporting the changes already in process.  The physical earth in many ways has been destroyed.  Humans are the keepers of the earth and always have been, but have forgotten this role and many other truths over the past 2,000 years. It is now time for human beings to remember who they truly are.

This is the dawning of the New Earth. To change the existing 3D world into the world of your dreams, human beings must first begin by changing their minds and the way they think.   Understand how you have become programmed over the course of your life by the media and other institutions that profit from fear-based thinking.  It is of utmost importance at this time for you humans to hold a positive perspective on all things.  Be aware of your thought patterns and seek to neutralize negative thoughts as soon as they enter your consciousness, replacing them with positive and loving thoughts.

Work diligently on maintaining inner balance to ensure the outside world does not affect your vibration. Keep your mind strong and be aware of which emotions you choose to engage in as they will raise or lower your vibration depending on their nature.  You will be tested until all aspects of the Self evolve.  Through conscious intent and awareness combined with a regular meditation practice, one can elevate all aspects of the Self and ultimately find union within the Self by merging the conscious with the subconscious through the rainbow bridge of one’s awareness.

For those who are struggling, know that your struggle is only temporary and a function of the ego or your lower un-evolved Self.  Its very nature creates inner conflict and imbalance and though it can be difficult to work with, it is a very important teacher human beings have.  During these times, remind yourself that you are in fact safe and secure.  Know that any pain, discomfort or difficulty you are experiencing is because you (or some aspect of you) still identifies with (and therefore holds onto) something of a lower vibration.  Practice letting go.  Remember that in truth you are eternal, infinite, wise and loving.  This is your natural essence.  Allow that essence to shine through you often as you move gently through the flow of life with an open heart.

Meditate regularly on being bathed in cleansing light to raise your vibration.  If you can do this outside in a natural setting the energy will be amplified.  On the inhale, breathe in as if you were breathing the golden sunlight down into your body.  Pause as you ask the sun to assist in illuminating your heart.  See, sense and feel this energy as intensely as possible, relaxing your body and all your muscles in the process.  Breathe this golden light and imagine it flowing down through your crown, cleansing you and sending that energy down slowly and steadily into the very depths of the earth on the exhale.  Count slowly to 8 as you inhale and exhale, or recite a favorite mantra while exhaling slowly and releasing.  Imagine yourself in harmony and in the flow of all things.  Become a pillar of golden light between earth and sky.