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Client Testimony

My experiences with Shamanic Reiki will forever be memorable ones due to the fact that my master teacher, Julie, has done everything in her power to fully detail the spiritual aspects in each class session, which have taught me to perform valuable tasks in my life. ~ Patricia

The following is a channeled message from Andromeda, an 8th dimensional being of Light.  She speaks through me at this time of profound change to assist humanity with Healing, Growth, and Ascension while journeying upon the earthly plane...

At this time a new earth has been manifested in the etheric template of the earth’s energy field.  This transformation occurred as a result of the global changes that are needed at this time.  As more human beings Awaken, the consciousness of humanity rises in frequency, assists in the healing of All things, and holds the energy of the earth’s etheric body in a state of balance as these changes begin to come into form.  You will begin to see many changes taking place around you, in the lives of others, global events, as well as changes within the Self.  The time for change is now, embrace it.  The current of life has changed as you know it and in order for humans to manifest the future world of peace and harmony it is imperative for those reading this message to do their part in maintaining a balance within the Self, as all change first begins within. 

The celestial events taking place at this time support the earth’s transformation and the changes that have already been embraced within each one of you. When Venus, the planet of Love and Beauty, passes in front of the Sun on June 5th and 6th, its dark side will be illuminated and will merge with the energy of the Sun. Aspects of the shadow self in regards to relationships are being illuminated and brought to light at this time for healing and release. It is important to remember this at this time as you may be tested, depending on where you are on your own path.  It is important to focus Awareness upon the positive and avoid negative thinking in all situations. 

 On June 5th, rays of sunlight infused with the energy of Venus’ Beauty and Love will be carried towards the Earth, enveloping the planet in a blanket of Love and Light.   It is important for humanity to hold the energy of pure Love within their hearts throughout this day.  This rare celestial event will not occur again for more than a century and the energy that is transpiring on this day is much like a seed that is being planted for what will come to pass over the next 100 years.  Allow yourself to be open in every way to facilitate your own inner cycle of endings and beginnings and embrace the energy of Love into your own heart.  Perform random acts of kindness and be Loving to your Self and others, especially on this day, holding the energy for a new World of Peace and Love that will soon become manifest. 

Live with Awareness and have the profound sense of Knowing that you are actively Co-creating a New Earth as you do.  Every choice, action and decision affects your frequency.  Endeavor to live in peace and harmony with All things.  Begin with making peace with the Self.  Live with an open heart and be in the energy of Love in its purest form as often as possible to hold the frequency for the transformation of All at this time.  Know that the positive changes you create within the Self emanate outward from your being through your energy field, affecting all you come in contact with but especially family, friends and loved ones.  Each person you encounter will be affected by the Love energy you are carrying within your center.  This Love vibration creates a wave of positivity that spreads across the planet like a blanket, holding it, uplifting and elevating it as well as everything upon it.

It is time to remember who you truly are as individuals and as keepers of the Earth.  You have a powerful purpose in this world that is unique to you and only you.  You can only find that true purpose when you open your heart to Love and find union and wholeness with all aspects of the Self. Let your Divine Essence shine as you allow your true nature to unfold, like petals of a flower.  All things are possible through Love.  Let Love in its highest form be the gateway of your own Inner Discovery, of Remembering, of Becoming, of Transformation and Oneness.

It is time to create commUNITY as you reconnect with your soul family.  You will recognize them by how they make you feel which is similar to when you are remembering something from long ago.  In fact, you are remembering the bond of Love that was once shared between you in another lifetime. Be Loving and enter the gateway of Ascension through Love’s portal.  It will lead you to that place of remembering All things and reconnecting to loving relationships and your soul family.  The experience is facilitated by living with an open heart that is undivided and unmarred by illusion created by fear and duality.   Let Love be your guide on this next phase of your journey.