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Client Testimony

Julie's energy is wonderful and her way of explaining and teaching is so natural. All those that are part of this meetup are down to earth and warm people. This is a true safe sanctuary to learn and to grow! ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA

If you have been feeling headaches, muscle tension, body aches, anxiety, mood swings, bursts of energy or extreme exhaustion more than usual this year, it could be caused by something other than daily stress. 

About a year ago I started experiencing energy in new ways as I continue to shift my own personal energy and raise my vibration.  I discovered could literally feel planetary influences and the effects they had upon my emotional, mental and physical bodies.  This was first discovered in early August of last year when I was making some healing soap.  I activated my reiki to bless the healing ingredients as they were mixed together.  As I did, I instantly felt a very powerful sensation shoot through my body that can only be described as feeling as if lightning bolts could shoot out from my fingertips.

I awoke that morning with an abundance of energy that made me want to accomplish a number of projects that day.  As I opened myself up to channel energy into the soap, I could feel it come down through my crown chakra and I could sense an intense rush of electrical heat building up inside my body with a surge of power I had never experienced before.  I felt it building so rapidly my body could not contain it, despite a primal fight flight response to try and block it out.  I felt tension building in my muscles, travelling up along my spine, up to my shoulders and into my head.  I got an instant tension headache.

My instincts told me to ground myself, that there was too much energy in the body temple and that grounding and opening up my root chakra would release this energy.  I stretched out my muscles and got into grounding yoga positions on the floor.  As long as I stayed in the yoga asanas, my headache pain was instantly relieved.  The moment I stopped, the muscle tension and headache returned. For those of you who practice yoga, I found that pigeon pose and yogi squats worked best to relieve symptoms as well as drinking a great deal of coconut water.

Every so often these strange sensations would occur in my physical body as well as waves of energy that affected my emotional and mental state of being.  Over time I realized that these sensations were in direct correlation to solar flare activity, particularly with the larger M class or X class solar flares.   My first experience described above was with an X Class solar flare that erupted on August 9th, 2011. 

solar flare (n.)  A sudden eruption of hydrogen gas in the chromosphere of the Sun, usually associated with sunspots. Solar flares may last between several hours and several days, and have temperatures ranging from 20 to 100 million degrees K. The energy of a solar flare, which consists primarily of charged particles and x-rays, is comparable to tens of millions of hydrogen bombs, but is less than one-tenth the total energy emitted by the Sun every second. First observed in 1859, solar flares dramatically affect the Sun's weather and the solar wind, and are correlated with the appearance of auroras on the Earth.  The American Heritage® Science Dictionary Copyright © 2005

The sun has just completed an 11 year cycle of rotation, bringing many ‘hot spots’ on the surface of the sun in direct alignment with the earth.  On these hot spots or sunspots, there are geomagnetic storms taking place.  When there is a sudden eruption or burst of energy that erupts as a result of these geomagnetic storms, the sun releases what is called a coronal mass ejection (CME) or solar flare.   Because the earth is now in alignment with these sunspots, the CME’s take approximately 1-3 days before the energy reaches the earth’s atmosphere.

Though sunspots are not uncommon, the number of sunspots visible from the earth’s perspective and the intensity of the solar flares generated from these sunspots have increased dramatically over recent years.  According to, here are the statistics for the number of days without sunspots since 2009:

2012 total: 0 days (0%)
2011 total: 2 days (<1%)
2010 total: 51 days (14%)
2009 total: 260 days (71%)

An X Class solar flare erupted from the sun on July 12, 2012 and entered the earth’s atmosphere on July 14th.  X Class flares are the most powerful and intense and can generate geomagnetic storms here on earth which can affect cell phone activity, causing calls to drop as well as power failures and satellite problems.  The effects of geomagnetic storms in regards to electronic devices and cell phones have been known for years.  But what effects do these powerful bursts of energy have upon living organisms here on earth?

It wasn’t until recent months that I was able to find any articles written on what I had been experiencing and discovered that studies indicate that fluctuation in the geomagnetic field cause a negative response on physically stressed human biological systems.  Though I discovered a few articles, none offered much if any assistance in helping individuals alleviate the sometimes painful symptoms they were experiencing.  Here are some links:

I spent time in meditation, consulting with my own guides and spirit teachers.  They reminded me first that if I am experiencing pain in the ‘body’ of my life, it means that I am identifying with something of a lower vibration.  Over time I identified and released emotional toxins, limiting beliefs and physical toxins from the body.  I completely changed my diet and re-evaluated my personal healing regime and practice.  I must say, there has been a huge difference in the way the energy of solar flares affects my body today versus just one year ago.

My guides reminded me that these celestial events are connected to the Mayan Prophecies.  These celestial ‘outside’ influences are taking place to create an inner transformational shift within all living things.  Remember, everything is energy, including the memory contained within each cell and the energy within your DNA.  Our cell tissue holds much information, including painful emotional toxins from childhood, other lifetimes and even the pain of our ancestors.  This energy is of a lower vibration.  It is heavy and dense.

My guides then showed me the energy of the sun as it illuminates the earth and the powerful energy bursts that come with each solar flare as it enters the earth’s atmosphere.  Since ancient times, the sun has always been regarded the most powerful energy source in the known physical universe.  Many cultures worshipped its life-giving properties.

As the solar flares hit the earth’s atmosphere, it carries with it extremely powerful energy that penetrates our being down to the cellular level.  This higher vibration causes the cell tissue to shift and elevate in frequency, causing cells to detoxify as they release lower vibration energy.  It is when the body heals and the cell tissues release what it no longer needs that the body often experiences symptoms of detox (headaches, mood swings, lethargy, anxiety, nervousness, etc.).  For more information on how to deal with these symptoms, please see my blog posting The “Healing Crisis”: Dealing with Energy Shifts and Detox.

My guides further reminded me that the pain we experience has to do with us holding onto something that is a lower frequency.  We struggle when we try to hold onto something that is old and dead.  It is our own ego that tries to hold on to the old and resists change.  My guides reminded me of a healing mantra they gave me a few years ago “the quicker we learn to let things go, the quicker we heal, the quicker we grow.”

From this guidance and with Awareness, I adjusted my own practice.  As I sense certain symptoms begin arise within me, I remind myself to let go and not try to hold on or control the situation.  After all, control IS an illusion.  I remind myself to be open and in the flow of life.  I open my root chakra, connect to the energy of the earth and ground myself into the present moment.  I relax all muscles in my body, from head to toe.  When I do this and do things to keep myself grounded throughout the day, living with full awareness of my energy, I have discovered that I am able to navigate the emotional waters of life much more efficiently, with greater ease and without the pain and discomfort I had once experienced.

Not everyone will experience the energetic effects of solar flares or will have the intense experience that I had.  However, if you are sensitive and have been feeling some of the above-listed symptoms you may want to look into the timing of solar flares in connection with what your body is feeling.  What I found interesting is how much of what I was feeling on a daily basis was directly linked to other events taking place in our solar system.  We truly feel much more than we give ourselves credit for.  Our bodies are very wise and can be great teachers to us.  When we tune into our feelings, we open the doors to not only healing but greater learning and understanding of the Self.