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Client Testimony

I met several practitioners of Reiki before I felt inspired to gain the skill myself. Julie Roberts impressed me first with her palpable reiki charge and healing abilities and then a second time with her concise, supportive teaching style. I felt that I got a great overview of the history of Reiki, and also a great hands-on section, which left me feeling confident and excited to try my new skills. This was a great course, I'm looking forward to mastery with the help of Julie. ~ High Priestess, Granada Hills, CA.

Feeling moody?  Out of balance?  Low on energy?  Lack of mental focus?  Lethargic?  Weight gain?  It might be time for a cleanse.

Here is a recipe for my green smoothie cleanse that I do once a season.  It alkalizes, nourishes, and facilitates healing in the body while assisting with the release of toxins from cell tissue.  When I do the green smoothie cleanse, I live off the smoothies for a MINIMUM of 3 days to purify my body of toxins.  The first day is always the hardest and may be accompanied by a detox headache, depending on how many toxins are in your system.  As toxins are released from cell tissue, they enter the bloodstream and this is what causes the headache.  A detox headache is an indicator that the cleanse is working - try to resist taking any pain relievers or chemicals to reduce the pain as those chemicals make the body acidic and just add more toxins into the body.  So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate to help flush toxins out of the body's system faster.

I recommend you see a health care practitioner prior to making any radical changes to your diet.  This recipe is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions a person may have.

In a blender or juicer, combine the following:
 ■ 12 oz Coconut Water
 ■ 1/2 lemon, cut off rind
 ■ 1/2 granny smith apple
 ■ 1 banana
 ■ fresh mint leaves (add to taste)
 ■ kale (a generous handful)
 ■ parsley (a generous handful)
 ■ 2 T aloe vera pulp
 ■ 2 T goji berry juice
 ■ 1 T raw organic green superfood powder (I use Perfect Food brand)

Sipping on smoothies throughout the day is best.  The good thing about this cleanse is that you can have as many smoothies as you like so there's no need to feel 'starved'.  I actually feel very energized by day 3 of the cleanse, full of vitality and with great mental focus.  Feel free to add other spices to enhance the flavor as you wish (cinnamon, ginger, etc.).  I like my smoothies a little sweet, so it doesn't taste like I am eating foliage. 

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** If your detox symptoms are intolerable, you can slow the detox process by eating some steamed vegetables.  For more information on dealing with symptoms of detox, please see my previous blog posting The "Healing Crisis": Dealing with Energy Shifts and Detox.  Also, after you are finished with the cleanse you want to integrate solid foods slowly back into your routine.  Start with steamed vegetables and work your way up to other harder to digest foods such as cheese or meats, etc. 

Happy Health!