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Client Testimony

What a transformational experience! Julie helps you connect with all aspects of your being on your journey towards self discovery. The Reiki Certification Course is well organized and thorough, and you leave feeling that you have finally found your true calling. If you are looking for a highly energized, knowledgeable and caring Reiki Master to lead you though Master's training, look no further. JULIE is the Master/Teacher and THIS is the class for you! ~ Jenna P.

The massive energy shift that occurred on the winter solstice is now beginning to materialize into a 3D reality.  Pay attention to what you are attracting into your life at this time, as there is great learning to be discovered from it.  The Angels & Beings of Light remind us to Trust in the guidance that they are giving and be open to new opportunities as they arrive, especially around the time of the Full Moon if you are working with lunar energy.  Spirit reminds us that even seemingly difficult circumstances which arise at this time are necessary for our growth and are being manifested now for our Highest Good.

As the light increases and we expand the light of our own consciousness, aspects of the unconscious mind/shadow-self are being revealed and manifested into our reality.  We see this on the news everyday and in the chaos that is materializing all around us.  The chaos of the world is a reflection of the collective unconscious of humanity.  A single glance brings certainty of the healing that is needed for All at this time.  "Great and lasting change is not created by force or conflict, but by the gentle merging and unification of opposites," Spirit guides.  And this great change begins within each and every human being on the planet.

Depending on one's perspective, the events that are transpiring now can be frightening or freeing to the Soul, especially when they affect one on a personal level.  Remember that we are here to learn and grow from our experiences on this Sacred Journey called Life.  Even if something appears to be negative, trust that whatever is transpiring has risen to the surface at this time so it can be healed and released.  You ARE ready.

Remember the Sacred Truth that All is One and that we are all connected.  Nothing is separate.  Embrace the perspective that everything you witness in life is a mirror reflection to your very own Soul. This is a wonderful teaching that helps us embrace understanding and compassion for All.  If you find that you are constantly met with problems and are surrounded by negative people, you may want to look within to discover what it is that is attracting these circumstances into your own life.

Human beings were born with the greatest gift of free will and have the power of choice to consciously shift perspective instantly, in any given moment.  Much of our emotional pain in life is caused by how we think.  Become aware of your perspective and seek to elevate it at every given opportunity.  Remember the old adage, "it's always darkest before the dawn" and know that when times are most challenging, it is because you are on the verge of a breakthrough.  Also realize that in times of struggle, you experience the greatest amount of growth.

It is with these simple reminders that we are able to find the blessings in the lessons of Life.  We thank our Angels, Guides and Beings of Light for their unending guidance and love during these changing times.  Namaste, Sacred Ones.  We Honor you.