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Client Testimony

My experiences with Shamanic Reiki will forever be memorable ones due to the fact that my master teacher, Julie, has done everything in her power to fully detail the spiritual aspects in each class session, which have taught me to perform valuable tasks in my life. ~ Patricia

The four record-breaking X Class solar flares which occurred the other day stirred up quite a bit here on earth as cosmic debris from geomagnetic storms hit our planet's atmosphere.  It is known that X Class solar flares can cause power outages, make cell phone calls drop and disrupt internet connections.  Days following intense solar flares have revealed patterns over the years of dramatic weather changes, increased seismic and volcanic activity, etc.  If solar flares affect the body of our planet in such a dramatic way, one can only imagine the affect this energy has on our own physical bodies.

Physically, individuals may feel 'drained' or exhausted, feeling headaches, back pain, and other physical discomfort.  Emotionally, individuals may feel irritable, aggressive, impatient, and experience severe mood swings.  Sleep patterns can be affected as well.  An important thing you can remember when you are experiencing these sensations is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  Everyone on the planet, including our pets, are feeling the shift at some level of our being.

The shifts and changes that are happening at this time have been foretold by the Ancients.  The energy being carried to the earth via coronal mass ejections from the sun at this time is very high in frequency and as this energy impacts the earth's atmosphere, it elevates the frequency of all that it comes in contact with. The solar flares are raising our vibration at this time.  Whether we want to or not, the human race is evolving.

There are many ways to heal and grow, but it all begins with Love.  If emotions are coming to the surface now, know that your emotional body is being cleansed and these old unprocessed emotions are coming to the surface to be released.  Emotions need to flow, like water.  They need to be moved through and not suppressed or made stagnant by stuffing them deep inside or by denying they exist. Open your heart and allow your tears cleanse you.  Let it flow.

If your 'go to' emotion is anger, be aware that anger often masks other feelings.  After all, it's easier to become angry with the person who has hurt us rather than admit we are emotionally wounded and allow our Self to feel the pain.  Slow down and give your Self the opportunity to look below the surface and allow your Self to feel and release these denser energies, for your Highest Good.

Imbalances in the body are created by how we think, how we process our feelings, our beliefs, and our choices.  Nothing grows from nothing.  Cells in the body cannot differentiate whether toxins began as emotional or physical - toxins are toxins, no matter what their origin.  If dis-ease has manifested, it is because your body has something to teach you.  Some aspect of your Being has been stifled and is wanting to be expressed.  Look within.

Remember that the body wants to heal.  This is a naturally occurring process.  If healing is slow or not taking place, it is because we are resisting healing in some way.  We must slow down and take time out for ourselves to allow the healing process to happen.  Extra sleep is very important during times of high solar activity, as it allows the mind & body to integrate new frequencies more deeply than if we continue to push forward without taking a break.

NASA has stated that solar flare activity is expected to continue increasing in frequency and intensity as we continue to move through this solar cycle.  Each and every human being has incarnated on this planet at this time for a reason and we are all in this together.  We are being called to heal and release denser energies now, for our Highest Good.  The consciousness of the sun is revealing to us where these imbalances are as solar flare energies bring imbalances to the surface to be released.  Now is not the time to hold on and push through, but release and let go.

Namaste, Sacred Ones.