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Client Testimony

Julie's energy is wonderful and her way of explaining and teaching is so natural. All those that are part of this meetup are down to earth and warm people. This is a true safe sanctuary to learn and to grow! ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA

Many individuals have inquired with me lately, asking the same question, "What is this darkness, this deep sadness that everyone seems to be feeling lately?"  If the chaos of life has left you feeling out of balance, you are not alone.  Despite the warm weather and abundant sunshine, it has been a difficult summer for many.

We are being called to grow in new ways at this time.  We are being shaken to the very core of our being, learning tough lessons.  When we are in tune and listen to the quiet voice within, things tend to go smoothly in life.  When we ignore this inner guidance, life has a way of restructuring itself to make us pay attention.

This restructuring may manifest as dis-ease or sudden unexpected changes in our lives.  A job or a relationship may come to a sudden end.  You may feel completely blocked, unable to progress in your usual way.  This is what shamans refer to as a shamanic death.

It can be quite frightening and it may seem like your entire world is being turned upside down or even destroyed, sending individuals into a spiritual crisis.  Know that this is happening in this way because this is what was needed to get you to pay attention.  Humanity, this is our wake up call.

The goddess guides us to look at the masks we wear and how we have come to believe that these outward projections are actually who we are.  These masks we wear are not us.  They are illusion.  We are so much more than we think we are.

There was a time when humans lived in harmony with the planet, in alignment with the seasons and the cycles of the moon.  Though technological advancements have made our lives easier, over time they have caused us to become disconnected from the very planet that sustains us and gives us life. 

There is a deep connection between humanity and Gaia, earth consciousness.  Human beings are an integral part of the living organism that is the earth.  Nothing is unrelated, we are all part of the whole of the All.  When we do things to damage Her, we also cause damage to ourselves.

Deep within us, we can feel the longing for connection and reconnection to something, but so many of us don't know what it is because we are too afraid to slow down and go within to find the answers.  We continue to go in circles, looking for answers outside of ourselves.  We feel a craving that cannot be satisfied, a yearning that will not stop.  And it won't stop until we nourish that part of our being and become whole.

Social media has allowed us to make friends all over the earth and forge connections in ways that would never have been possible otherwise.  Interacting with others online has allowed many to express themselves in ways they would never do in 'real life'.

The anonymity that the internet provides has allowed us to create alter-ego identities and be risqué, expressing ourselves in ways we would never allow ourselves to be in 'real life'.  But the masks are just illusion, they don't represent who we really are as a whole complete being.  We may feel entertained and good for a moment, but it is not lasting. The closeness and deep connections we crave with others still lingers.

We keep people at a 'safe' distance, only showing what we consider to be acceptable to the outside world because we fear that we will be judged.  We create daily rituals to make us feel a certain way, to make us feel as if we are in control and 'safe'.  We have built our walls, keeping others at arm's length.  We think we know who we are, but do we really?  Perhaps it's time to take a deeper look.

The soul craves unity and connection.  To each other and to the earth.  It craves ONENESS.  However, over the course of our lives we have worn so many masks and built so many walls to protect our heart space from the pain of judgment that we no longer can let that light into our hearts.

It is our own self-judgment that makes us wear the masks.  It is the ego and our fears that drive us to behave in ways that are not authentic to our Being.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.  If we live a life ruled by fear we will be stunted in our growth.  If our heart is divided by fear, our perceptions of truth will be skewed.  We no longer have the luxury of allowing fear to be the dictator in our lives. 

It is time to take off the masks and tear down the walls we have built that separate us from each other.  It's time to stop judging ourselves.  Only then, will we be able to find our truth and allow our light to shine.  Only then, will we allow the light to flow through us, pure and unhindered by our own resistance.

It's time for us to trust in each others goodness and the love and compassion that is within each of us.  It's there and we need to trust in this.  The universe loves and supports our growth.  It's time for us to risk and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and fragile in the eyes of others.  We need to stop shutting everything out and let the world into our hearts.

There is something special that happens when we open our hearts to each other in this way.  When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, compassion also blooms in the heart of those who are allowed to see the gift of that fragility.  Its like witnessing a gentle rose opening its fragile petals to the golden light of the sun.  In perfect love and trust, this rose blooms, naturally, and beautifully.  We are like the rose.  If we can learn to trust, we too, will bloom.  Know that the angels are around you and they support your healing and growth.  Trust in this.

Everyone is afraid of being judged.  And everyone judges.  This is part of our programming that began when we were young children.  But if we are ever going to rise above this programming, we first have to choose to stop judging ourselves.  Stop judging who we have been, the choices we made in the past, and who we 'think' we are now.  Choose Unconditional Self Love.  Begin here.  If you struggle with this, recite to yourself I AM ENOUGH and simply let yourself BE. (We are human BEINGS after all, not human 'doings'.)

Once you learn to accept all the aspects of your being you will uncover the hidden diamond of Self.  But it takes digging deep within the silent earth of Self.  It takes a willingness to get your hands dirty.  Only then will you be able to retrieve your lost diamond.  Only then will you be able to see all your facets and how each shines beautifully and uniquely.  Each facet has a special gift to share with the world.  The sadness many are feeling at this time is the longing for those aspects to be discovered and allowed to shine.

It's time for us to dig deep and retrieve our inner diamond and share its beauty with the world, transcending the limitations of light versus dark and stepping into the technicolor dream of the new paradigm, awakening to our birthright and allowing the divinity of Self to be expressed, awakening the god/dess within.  When we are in harmony with Self, we are in harmony with All.  It is here that we will co-create the life of our dreams.  This is what is needed at this time.  But it begins with wholeness of being and complete acceptance of Self.

Find your diamond within.  Allow all your facets to shine.

Much Love and Namaste.