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Client Testimony

For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session. ~ Jill K., Los Angeles


Yesterday, a CME hit the earth's atmosphere and, from my perspective, it seemed to have a dramatic effect on many people's energy systems.  I personally felt intense energies shooting through my body and felt the need to ground and center myself with yin yoga.  For others, the energy seemed to have affected their emotional state, causing mood swings and depression, sparking frustration, anger, and cravings for things - anything to make us feel calm.  Those with addictions seemed to struggle a bit more than usual.  These are just my own personal observations as I navigate through this current experiment I call Life.



This intense energy, combined with the fact that we just entered the shadow period of mercury retrograde, resulted in a great deal of miscommunication and even arguments over syntax.  Misunderstandings in our basic use of language opened the door for misdirected anger and even name calling on social media.  Luckily, I am grounded enough that I do not allow others to pull me into their storm.  After numerous interactions with individuals, I realized that just because we are communicating in English, it does not mean that we are speaking the same language.  I recall the words of George Bernard Shaw, "The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place".


The sun has been rather quiet since the four X-class solar flares of last May.  However, the Earth's atmosphere experienced a direct hit from yesterday's mild flare.  Conversely, as we move closer to the full moon (10/18), we will feel the effects of a lunar eclipse, immediately followed by mercury going into retrograde (10/21-11/10) and a solar eclipse (11/3) two weeks later.  The veil between the physical and spiritual is getting thin and on Samhain (10/31) it will part, allowing spiritual energies to move freely between the realms.



There is a LOT happening now from a spiritual and cosmic perspective.  Many portals are opening, creating great opportunities for transformation.  And this doesn't even touch upon what is happening between Mars, Venus, Black Moon Lilith, and other planetary alignments.  If you follow astrology, you will discover that the planets are setting the stage for us to heal, grow, and evolve in ways we never imagined.  Much of this has to do with the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies, as well as taking a good look at what is referred to as our Shadow Self.


I look out the window and see the glorious rain falling after months and months of heat and dryness.  Change is most definitely upon us, and it is not merely the change of seasons and weather that we will be feeling.  "Be ready," is the guidance I am hearing right now from the angels.  Some may interpret this as an unforeseen global disaster affecting the planet.  I am not saying this is to be the case.  It could be a change in perspective, a re-evaluation of our core belief system, which in turn affects how we see the world, the universe, the multiverse, and our ability to interact with the spiritual realms.


One of the Universal Laws according to Hermetic Esoterism is the construct that the "Universe is Mind".  When you break it down in theory, it embodies the concept that how we think and what we believe affects not only our perspective and how we see the outside world, but also our frequency, what we attract, and ultimately, what we manifest.  This is important to consider, as we are manifesting a new paradigm at this time.  Our beliefs are key in what we are creating - not only for ourselves as individuals, but for the collective whole of humanity.  What we spend our time thinking about, we put our time and energy into - our life force.  What we believe colors our perspective.  If an individual believes that the Universe is filled with harmful energies that are out to attack us and cause us harm, they will have a much different life experience than the individual who believes they live in a Universe filled with spiritual energies that are loving and supporting of their happiness and growth.



Expanding our minds, increasing our ability to learn and grow and evolve at a conscious level, and becoming Aware, sentient beings is a common goal of many individuals at this time.  However, expanding our conscious mind is only a tiny portion of what the Mind is.  When regarding the theory of the Mind, we understand that from a conscious perspective, we only use less than 10% of our brain.  The rest, over 90% is unconscious.  Shamanism refers to this as the Shadow, the unknown.  The ego lives here as well, but only makes up a teeny, tiny portion of the overall Shadow.


Many people fear the Shadow, as they fear what is unknown and the ego wants to protect us from harm.  As a result, many might discover resistance at first when attempting to connect to the Shadow Self.  It takes the courage of the spiritual warrior to explore the realms of the Unknown Inner Worlds.  And there are tests that come with it.  Initially, the querist must discover and face their own subconscious latent fears and repressed memories.  Ultimately, this is a wonderful thing, as it provides the opportunity to release and heal old wounds from this lifetime and even past lives.  When these 'heavy' energies are released, we are able to heal, ultimately raising our frequency, inspiring further growth and evolution.



But again, this first healing portion of the journey is only a tiny part of the potential that comes with the exploration of one's Shadow.  There are many facets to our Inner Diamond, and we need to be willing to dig deep if we are ever to unearth its shining potential.  Exploring the Shadow also connects us more deeply to our dreams, enabling our ability for lucid dreaming and connecting us to our angels and spirit guides.  By learning to work with the Shadow we may access the hidden wisdom trapped in cell memory and our DNA, which includes past life memories, connects us to our Ancestors, our Spiritual Selves, Magic, the Akashic Records, the Primordial Creative Forces of the Universe, transcending Time and Space, connecting us to God, Goddess and Source.  All of these things, the hidden Mysteries, are contained within the Shadow.


And we can access it.  I feel this is what we are being called to do at this time.  We can connect to the Shadow by shifting our consciousness.  We can achieve this through meditation, dream work, hypnosis, guided imagery, plant medicine, music, fasting, ecstatic dance, or ceremonial rites.  We can attune ourselves to do this through a daily practice, or we can work with a spiritual guide to assist us on our Journey.  By our focused intent and practice, we are able to bring the Light of our Conscious Mind into the realm of the Shadow, tapping into the Mysteries of the Ancients and the powers of Creation itself.  The possibilities are limitless.  But only to those who are willing to reach beyond the limitations of old programming and limiting beliefs created in this lifetime.



The other day I was giving myself reiki. As I directed the flow of energy throughout my body, I realized tension was building in certain areas.  Clearly a part of myself was in resistance.  I wasn't being completely open and relaxed.  I was holding on to something and my body was communicating this to me through muscle tension.   "Trust," a voice echoed in my mind.  I took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, relaxing and letting go.  I didn't try to DO anything.  I was reminded that it is our ego that makes us want to DO things and take action.  I simply allowed the energy to flow unhindered.


As I opened like a rose unfolds to the light of the sun, I felt pulsations and sensations moving throughout my body as the reiki flowed.  I went deeper into the relaxed state with every exhale.  I was then shown a vision of a tree.  It's leaves were changing colors, vibrant oranges and yellows and reds.  Suddenly, I became the tree, feeling my body shift and grow and stretch upward and downward.  On the inhale I nourished, on the exhale, I expanded.  My branches grew upward and out, my roots grew even deeper.  I realized that each of us is the Tree of Life.  The vibrant leaves reminded me of things from my own past.  Beautiful memories, the past, even old ways of thinking.  I suddenly became aware that as the tree, I was holding onto these leaves.



As I breathed and nourished myself with reiki, I was reminded of how it is important to prune back dead leaves and branches from plants.  When we don't, the life force energy of the plant is wasted, flowing to all the dead parts.  This makes the plant struggle in ways that are not beneficial for its growth.  When the dead leaves and branches are pruned, new leaves can grow.  How much of what is dead and old in our lives do we still cling to?  Old wounds?  Old relationships?  Old beliefs?  I took in a deep breath and on the exhale I relaxed even deeper.  In my vision, the leaves began to fall.  In my body, I felt lighter and lighter as I released old energies.


The seasons can guide us and help us restore balance and find healing.  If we seek new growth, it is important for us to regard and release that which no longer serves us.  We can discover these things by going into the silence and stillness of Self and embarking on an Inner Journey into our own Shadow Realm, the realm of Magic and Mystery.  The realm of unlimited potential.  The upcoming weeks will challenge us with changes.  But remember the challenges we are faced with often reveal opportunities for growth that would not be discovered without a shift in perspective.  Allow the shift to happen.  Allow your leaves to fall from your own Tree of Life as you journey into the darkening time of year and into the peaceful repose of winter, stepping into the Sacred Dream, the Shadow Time of the Waning Year.


May all beings be released from suffering and may you be guided by the Light of the Divine on your Sacred Journey.  Namaste.