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Client Testimony

What a transformational experience! Julie helps you connect with all aspects of your being on your journey towards self discovery. The Reiki Certification Course is well organized and thorough, and you leave feeling that you have finally found your true calling. If you are looking for a highly energized, knowledgeable and caring Reiki Master to lead you though Master's training, look no further. JULIE is the Master/Teacher and THIS is the class for you! ~ Jenna P.

We incarnated from formlessness into form to teach us about separation and limitation.

Upon arrival into this world, we are given a name. To name anything, to define anything limits its capacity. Our need to name everything in the Universe is limiting, as it separates everything, putting everything in its own category, individualizing everything. 

Even our very names are limiting, because in truth, we are so much more than whatever label we give to ourselves. What we choose to identify with does not define us. In truth, we are so much more. The name "Julie" means youthful. (Yes, I am, thank you. Lol.) 

But seriously, some may call me by other names. Some of these names I may identify with, other names I may reject. I am more than just these labels. Labels are just projections. False light, projected by the ego, which are confusing by nature. 

The names we call ourselves are the masks we wear. These are tools we can use to weave a desired experience but they are also deceptive and can quickly become a tangled web of illusion. They can cause harm to others and to the self when we believe in the mask.

We are all actors in the play of Life and the players around us are all in costume. Sometimes we are in a comedy and sometimes we are in a tragedy.
Learn to separate the artist from their art. The characters you meet on the stage of life are real humans with flaws and deep, forgotten wounds.

Even deeper there is wisdom, love, and power.

But you will never know their sacred truths until you look behind the mask and the characters that they play; being fully aware that you are the hero in your own story and you, too, wear masks.