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Client Testimony

I have a chronic heart condition and Julie did a single distance healing on me (over the phone) during a particularly painful episode of angina and within 15 minutes the pain was gone.  I could feel the healing energy entering my body, filling me with warmth and could "see" the healing happening inside of me.  Julie is an amazing healer with a very strong intuition for her work. ~ Nina K., Riverside, CA.

Spiraling into myself

peaceful center

inner void

being guided 



starlit pool

shimmering reflections

of light

dancing on the mirror of self

reflecting both worlds at once

I am here

dancing in the abyss of undoing

where the fingers of death 

intertwine with life

I am the weaver

I am the utterer

I am the spider

hunting, creating, finely attuned to the vibrations

of the web of Life