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Client Testimony

I am so amazed at the healing process my body has gone through since Reiki First Degree. My back has not been in any pain since I started doing Reiki on it and my horrible menstrual cramps that keep me in bed for days goes away without any motrin or vicodin. I just can't believe it, that I'm finally pain free! Thank you, thank you, thank you! ~ Yvette B., Culver City, CA

Spiraling into myself

peaceful center

inner void

being guided 



starlit pool

shimmering reflections

of light

dancing on the mirror of self

reflecting both worlds at once

I am here

dancing in the abyss of undoing

where the fingers of death 

intertwine with life

I am the weaver

I am the utterer

I am the spider

hunting, creating, finely attuned to the vibrations

of the web of Life