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Client Testimony

Since Shamanic Reiki 1st Degree, I now value life in all forms. I no longer feel paranoia about my health.  I feel happier and more at ease with myself and would even say that I am beginning to love myself. Life doesn’t seem quite so scary and fears are starting to leave me.  I can control my own emotions more and trust in Reiki to help guide me when I am struggling. I feel more compassion toward others and have a balanced view on life.  Life is good through Reiki eyes! ~ Tracey P.

The other night I went out to the desert to witness the beauty of the perseid meteor showers. As the silver moon rose above the ridge, coyotes began to howl in the distance. Then, as if it was contagious, other canines in the surrounding areas also began to howl. This howling moved like a wave across the land and back again, slowly encircling us with the soulful cries of the coyotes, shifting the tone of the entire valley.

And it all began with just one howl.

As I scroll through the news feed this morning, I am reminded of the howling song of the coyotes. Each Facebook post is an expression of Self, like a howl from our own coyote spirit, spreading outward across the landscape of our lives. Steeped in emotion, some posts are filled with melancholy, fear and rage; while others are imbued with hope, love and humor. Each post is a voice that adds to the heart's song of our collective consciousness. Together, we howl.

This week, the death of comedian RobinWilliams has shifted our inner tides, washing important realizations upon the shores of our consciousness. I believe the impact of his death, though painful, has awakened many individuals to look beyond the mask of outward appearances. Many are now taking the necessary steps to cultivate inner balance.

And all of this began with just one howl.

The coyote as a medicine totem is the wise and cunning trickster who fools us into learning life's lessons through humor. Even in death, Robin's wild coyote spirit howls, speaking to us, teaching us. Every action is a proclamation, an expression of our inner state of Being. Everything we do, everything we say creates a wave of energy that expands outward, affecting everyone around us. Every single action is an expression of Love or is a call to Love itself. We can see that now.

The song of the wise coyote encourages us to recognize that we are not alone, each of us is part of a larger pack. Each of us is part of a larger system of Life here on this planet, we are all connected. Each voice is a powerful vehicle for transformation. Together, we are changing the world, one howl at a time.