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Client Testimony

For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session. ~ Jill K., Los Angeles

There are many powerful culminations taking place at this time.

On Thursday, October 23rd, the Sun enters zero degrees Scorpio at 4:57am PST. This day also marks the New Moon, which also enters Scorpio at 2:10pm PST. The result of this particular alignment will be experienced here on Earth as a partial Solar eclipse, which begins at 2:57pm PST.

Eclipses take place when the Earth, Moon and Sun all line up, much like pearls threaded upon a strand of silk. If you work with this imagery, from our perspective here on Earth, you could draw a line outward, connecting the Earth to the Moon, followed by the Sun.

But that’s not all! Venus also enters zero degrees Scorpio at 2:12pm PST on the 23rd and the beloved planet governing all forms of communication, Mercury, is currently retrograding in the same sign!

Our strand of pearls just got longer.

From our Earthly perspective, imagine a strand of 5 pearls connected, beginning with the Earth, then the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and finally, the Sun.

Being a practitioner of magical arts, this gets my energy buzzing like a hive of bees excited to get to work and make some sweet honey! We celebrate the changing of the seasons, marked by the Sun. We celebrate the New and Full Moon as she becomes illuminated, reflecting the light of the Sun.

Blessed Samhain approaches on October 31st and according to ancient myth and what our Ancestors believed, this is a time when the ‘veil’ between worlds parts. This is a powerful and Sacred time, when the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate.

This is a powerful time, which can and SHOULD be utilized for manifestation and magic!

As is above, so is below. The planets align, bringing us the energy needed to help us co-create an ideal world for All. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. Not to mention, Thursday happens to be ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck, success, growth and expansion!

I am more than just a little excited.

Spirit has guided me to create the following meditation and visualization exercise for you to utilize on the day of the eclipse, so we may cultivate the ideal for All, moving beyond the limitations of duality. Dare to kiss the infinite on this very special day!

Pearls of Wisdom Eclipse Meditation:

**Note** you may wish to do an audio recording of this meditation or have a friend read it aloud, as this will help deepen your meditation experience and facilitate you going to even greater depths on this powerful inner journey.

Create a time when you will not be disturbed by the outside world. Turn off the phone and ‘unplug’ from the matrix of the 3D physical mundane reality.

You may wish to create a Sacred Space for yourself by lighting some candles and burning some incense. You can do this indoors or our in nature. Allow your intuition to guide you as you create this Sacred experience.

Settle into your breath, relaxing your body as you exhale, giving yourself permission to let go. Remind yourself that you are SAFE.

Imagine a strand of pearls stretching out before you. You stand upon one of the pearls and you are deeply aware of the present moment. You are standing upon the Earth, a giant blue sphere that spins, vibrant with life and aliveness just below you, yet you remain still.

As you stand upon the giant blue sphere, you look forward and see 4 other large planetary spheres stretched out before you. Each of these planets is connected by a luminous strand of light, like pearls on a necklace.

You walk the line of light towards the next planetary sphere before you, which appears dark, like a black pearl. As you come closer, you become aware that this is the Moon. You notice a beautiful fringe of light surrounding the dark sphere and understand this to be the light of the Sun at the time of the eclipse.

As you reach the Moon, you feel the magnetic pull of her essence, drawing you. You are aware that your own physicality is comprised of mostly water and of the affects the moon has upon the tides and our emotions.

Allow yourself to spend some time here, feeling and releasing any emotions which have until now been suppressed and hidden within you, deep within your cell tissue. Release all guilt and sorrow connected to the past (and even past lives).

Don’t think too much about it, simply FEEL and give freely to the Moon whatever rises to the surface. Breathe deep and slow, allowing the magnetic pull of the Moon to draw energies out from your Being, cleansing you from within.

When you are done healing through feeling, your awareness is pulled to the next planet and you walk the line of light towards it. As you do, your mind awakens.

You understand that you are moving towards the planet Mercury, which is currently retrograding. Your thoughts drift to images and memories of your past. Imagery of the past season, the past year of your life and previous decades flow into your consciousness.

Here you have a clear understanding of why events have transpired in the order they have taken place within your life and the history that has transpired up until now. You understand the cause and effect of all the choices actions and decisions, which have lead you to this single moment in time.

Your gaze is drawn once again to the line of light, which leads to the next planet. As you move towards it, you can’t help but admire its luminous quality. It seems to shimmer and shine like a beautiful star…

As you reach this sphere, you are consumed by its sheer beauty and innately know this to be the planet Venus. As you walk upon Venus, you are surrounded by green and pink colored mist that you feel with pleasure as it touches your skin.

You feel enveloped and filled by Venus’ loving essence as you breathe and your sense of touch is enhanced. You feel luxurious and beautiful. Your heart is filled with radiant pink and green swirling light as you breathe. You can feel this energy radiating through you and it feels wonderful.

Though it may be difficult to leave Venus, your gaze is drawn towards a bright light in the distance. It’s brightness calls to you and you know this energy to be none other than the Sun.

You walk the thread of light towards this great planet, the center of our solar system. The light becomes brighter and brighter with every step. It is blinding to your vision, but not painful. Eventually, the light envelops and consumes you completely.

You detach from the limitations of your physical form and step into formlessness. You are everywhere and nowhere, you are all places at once. There is no limitation as you are pure light. You feel weightless and are aware of the speed at which you can travel instantaneously. You are pure potential. You are unbound. Limitless.

But now it is time to return and you turn upon the great sphere of light and look back at the strand of spheres, like pearls, revealing where you came from. You take the wisdom and light of the Sun with you as you journey back across time and space.

You walk the thread of light back to Venus and as you reach the beautiful planet, you can feel your body once again. Your skin feels electric with energy pulsations as you feel the mists touch and surround and fill you with beauty and love.

You want to touch everything and be touched by everything. Streams of energy flow from your fingers and you can see that you ARE connected to everything already. Knowledge of this makes your Spirit, heart and body yearn for the intimate experience of sacred connection through touch.

Your awareness is drawn once again to the planet in the distance before you and you walk the line of light back towards Mercury to revisit once again. Your thoughts are clear. Your mind is quick and unclouded by emotions.

You have a clear understanding about which beliefs and perceptions no longer serve you. You know which choices, actions and decisions you must make to move forward on your future path. You are able to see the bigger picture.

Your awareness is now pulled back towards the Moon once again. You feel her magnetic pull as you walk the light line towards her. As you stand atop the Moon, you can feel energies being pulled together, condensing and reforming.

You know your magnetic powers of attraction. You are aware of your own Moon-like qualities.

From this perspective, the light of the Sun shines upon your back. You can see the shadow of the Moon as it passes over the Earth during the time of the eclipse. You are aware of the endings and beginningsthat have taken place on this journey and you prepare for yet another rebirth. A thread of light stretches before you leading back to the Earth, your home. Be aware that as you return, you will be coming back changed in some way, different than you were before. Honor that transformation.

You follow the thread of light back to Earth, the surface world, knowing this is where we walk and interact with our other fellow brothers and sisters in Life; whether they are in human form, animal, plant, or mineral. This is the realm where we bring our inspirations and ideas into physical form.

Earth is where our magic is made manifest! Here, we create many beautiful works of art, inspiring others with your great work, creating change and manifesting the ideal, for the Self and All.

As you return to your body, you are aware of your energy and how your actions radiate outward, touching and affecting All that surround you. You are deeply aware that you are a Source of Power, created with purpose as you walk upon the earthly plane.

Take a deep breath, wriggling your fingers and toes, stretching as you come back fully into your physical Being.

Blessed Be.