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Client Testimony

For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session. ~ Jill K., Los Angeles

As we know, there is a great Awakening taking place within humanity at this time...

Shamans say this Awakening is the result of prophecies foretold by our Ancestors long ago and is connected to the evolution of our planet. Our Sacred Ancestors, who once lived in harmony with nature, are aligned with the heartbeat of mother earth, the stars and the planets. If we practice stillness, we may feel our Ancestors ‘dancing' in our blood. They dance in sacred rhythm with creation itself, waking us up so we may discover our own True North, our purpose for being here now.

This great Awakening is happening to humanity as a whole as we are part of the system of life connected to Earth. This collective Awakening is calling us to embrace of our infinite, eternal, wise and loving authentic self, which exists at the core of our being. Salvation, sacredness, compassion, love, the ability to heal and create positive change exists within all of us. We are all Sacred Beings with the power of our own free will. We have the power to choose to regenerate and redefine our Selves, as well as seeing each other in a new Light.

Planetary energies at this time are incredibly powerful and overwhelming, pulling us in many directions at once. Being sensitive, I feel waves as energies flow within and without while I make my journey through the world and interact with others. Time seems to be speeding up and slowing down simultaneously. Schedules keep changing and find I am a nimble dancer as I continue my journey down this most interesting rabbit hole - err, I mean path.

We are now entering what is referred to as the shadow period of mercury retrograde (Rx 1/21/15-2/11/15). For more information on this, click here. As we approach retrograde timing, our mental faculties and ability to focus will feel the effects of the planet ruling all forms of communication. We will feel naturally drawn to go inward. Spirit encourages us to practice going within to find our center point of balance, which I refer to as my Inner Compass.

When I am centered, I receive the guidance, clarity and wisdom imperative for where I am going next as I trail blaze this Journey through Life. Finding one’s True North is a deep knowing and accepting of one’s purpose or mission. When you have discovered your own True North, you know without doubt why you incarnated into your physical body and your purpose here on Earth. Once a person has discovered their True North and life’s purpose, nothing can take them off their path and they discover the entire Universe is supporting them. The lessons we learn become blessings, which make us wise and strong. When one finds their True North, they can live authentically, embodying and shining the light of their truth as they journey through Life.

We find ourselves at a time when we are being called to heal our most ancient wound, which is the illusion that we are separate from Source. This extends to a greater illusion that we are separate from each other. Energetically, we are all connected, part of the same unified field of energy. Though it may appear so, we are not separate. All is One.

Since we are all part of the same collective consciousness and system of life here on the planet, when we cause harm to anything, we are ultimately causing harm to ourselves. And conversely, when we practice self-love and healing, we are positively benefiting the whole of the All.

And yet, there is a part of us that strives for separation and individualization, a part that seeks to rise above the masses and be unique or ‘better than’ others. This part of us judges and compares. Sometimes this aspect of our being may vilify others so that we feel better about ourselves. It criticizes, vilifies and is based in fear, projecting a ‘shadowed’ perspective upon the world around us.

Some call this aspect the ego or lower self, but I prefer to refer to this aspect as our Inner Trickster. Our eyes receive light as it reflects off the environment around us, but the Trickster projects a second story outward, distorting our perceptions, tricking us into believing that what we are experiencing is ‘reality’. This is illusion.

Based in fear, the Trickster does not want us to evolve or unite with the infinite, as it equates change with death. Recognize your own inner Trickster at work as you feel hesitation or resistance to move forward on your path of spiritual growth and you will begin to understand how each of us is in fact our own greatest creator and saboteur in life.

When you learn how to recognize how your Inner Trickster operates, one becomes aware of the many ways we distract and deceive our selves on a daily basis. The truth is, nothing is as it appears. We all wear masks. When you get used to looking beneath the surface you will start to notice the truth about what is motivating your own actions and decisions in life.

We are all co-creating the new paradigm together. The world as it appears today with all its chaos is a reflection of choices and decisions that were made in the past. If we are to actively co-create a better world for all, more people need to start paying attention to what is motivating our choices and decisions throughout our daily lives NOW.

It seems that we keep pointing fingers, waiting for the ‘bad guy’ to put down his weapon first. Where we are going next, we can’t think in terms of ‘us versus them’. We are all sisters and brothers and we are in this world together.

In the past 100 years there have been more deaths than any time in history simply because mankind has developed the very bad habit of resolving conflict with violence. What if violence simply wasn’t an option? What if the ego-trigger could no longer be pulled? What pushes your buttons? What triggers you? It’s time we healed those wounds.

Right now, the planets are teaching us in powerful ways. Black moon Lilith (shadow) is opposing Neptune (collective consciousness), which reveals the dark mirror of Self through our relationships and in the world around us. The more healing a person needs, the more discordant energies they will attract until they realize that a part of them is trying to help them wake up to what needs release and healing in their life.

The addition of Saturn into this mix of planetary energies forms a T-square. Belief systems and structures connected to old ways of thinking which no longer serve us will be challenged and in some cases, come crashing down. It will be interesting to witness how these energies affect global affairs.

Last week, the willow tree I had loved and spent many hours healing and meditating underneath fell down in a windstorm. As I saw the tree cut into pieces on my front lawn, I too, felt broken and dismembered. I took this outer world experience as an opportunity to go within make adjustments in my life where it was necessary. As I did this, I re-membered myself back into wholeness and balance.

As I move through the world, I am noticing two different realities happening simultaneously. I recognize that which is easily seen on the surface as well as that which is veiled, obscured or hidden. The painful emotions and wounds which have been suppressed, hidden and long forgotten in the shadowy realms of our unconscious mind are now rising up to the surface in all of us. I am sensing the play of energies as I witness my interactions with others.

Years ago, spirit showed me visions of our planet splitting into two. In recent years, I have heard of some speak of a theory that this 3D reality as we know it may be splitting into two separate dimensions. Each reality would occupy the same space, yet each would be invisible to the other as they became vibrationally disparate.

In many ways our world is already divided by conflict, class systems, religion, war and racism, to name a few. There is also a division of what we are consciously aware of and what lies sleeping beneath the surface in our unconscious mind. These could be latent spiritual gifts and psychic powers that are waiting to be awakened.

Many individuals at this time are suffering from internal conflict. A part of us yearns to move in new directions, while another part prefers the comfort of what is familiar. Yet we know that on this journey, we must continue forward. Going backwards is simply no longer an option. Detach from illusion often and find your center, this will help you navigate your course as you journey.

To be completely free and whole, we need to heal the most wounded, suppressed, judged, vilified and abused parts of Self. We begin this healing with complete and total self-acceptance of EVERY aspect of our being and we must choose to stop judging ourselves. As we release self-judgment, our need to criticize and judge others will change, too. Relationships will become more peaceful, especially the relationship to Self.

Each of us has been shaped by our history. It is the foundation from which we have grown and evolved over many generations. The damage we have caused to this planet, the abuse and enslavement of entire cultures of people, racism, the suppression of women, war – this is what we are collectively healing now. The history and memory of the collective human race is within all of us, held within our cell memory. All that pain is being pulled to the surface now for healing and release.

As our collective shadow is being Awakened by black moon Lilith opposing Neptune, we are undoubtedly being called to unify and heal.

I hope these words bring you some clarity and peace as you continue your Sacred Journey. May you always remember the Light that you are and may you find your True North.


Blessed Be.