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Client Testimony

Since Shamanic Reiki 1st Degree, I now value life in all forms. I no longer feel paranoia about my health.  I feel happier and more at ease with myself and would even say that I am beginning to love myself. Life doesn’t seem quite so scary and fears are starting to leave me.  I can control my own emotions more and trust in Reiki to help guide me when I am struggling. I feel more compassion toward others and have a balanced view on life.  Life is good through Reiki eyes! ~ Tracey P.

The great wheel of the year turns once again and we celebrate Imbolc, a time of initiation and new beginnings. The days begin to lengthen, we witness signs of new life as the first spring lambs are born and the wisdom and beauty of Mother Nature is our beloved teacher once again.

Around February 2nd, the snowdrop flower breaks through the crust of the snow and blooms, bringing hope for new life and new beginnings in the Spring. Historically, the snowdrop has been associated with Brighid (pronounced BREED), the Celtic Triple Goddess of Inspiration, Purification and Renewal.

The snowdrop is a pure white flower firmly rooted into the earth with a heavy bulb. As the days begin to lengthen following the Winter Solstice, the bulb begins to grow long green shoots, eventually emerging from beneath a blanket of snow. Delicate white flowers bloom from the ends of the shoots in early February, their color reminding us to purify.

The snowdrop brings the promise of Spring and the warmth of hope into our hearts, inspiring renewal within. The snowdrop teaches us to stay grounded, yet inspires us to reach beyond our perceived limitations, elevating our perspective as we expand our consciousness and begin to understand the interconnectedness of All things.