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Client Testimony

I have been overweight and have battled depression and low self esteem throughout the majority of my life.  Working with Julie, I have learned how to love myself for the first time!  Reiki has taught me how to nourish myself in healthy ways.  I used to struggle with fad diets and intense food cravings.  It seemed that no matter what I tried, I couldn't lose any weight.  Now I understand that the reason why my body was holding onto excess weight was emotional.  Since I started healing with Reiki, the weight is suddenly coming off!  Most importantly, I beileve in myself now.  Thank you Julie, for helping me learn how to become the woman of my dreams! ~ Naomi, Los Angeles

Spirit is guiding me to be more vocal and expressive with my own personal spiritual practice and healing process. I am being shown that others need to understand that it’s healthy for us to express our feelings and through feeling comes healing.

I am not doing this as a way to seek attention. As an empath, attention has been something I have shied away from in the past. This is a conscious choice I am making at this time in my life. 

I am being guided to be a ‘mirror' of healing for others to see and reflect. This is for healers and others who are seeking and learning how to create a healing and/or spiritual practice of their own. Social media and the internet is a good tool for this. I just have to remember to document it as it happens!


One of the medicine names that was given to me years ago is Mirror Dream Dancer. 


The medicine of this name has taught me how about the powers of reflection, the powers of the moon, the powers of light as well as a deeper understanding of the shadowy realms of the unconscious mind. Most importantly, I learned how to use the mirror as a tool for healing. The medicine of this name has taught me how to connect to my deepest and truest Self.


And now it’s time for me to shine, completely free and unhindered.


It’s time for me to Be the Mirror reflection of what this world needs for healing. Life is messy and perfectly imperfect and we’re all doing the 'white boy shuffle' as we learn how to dance together. You will see me silly and fumbling and bouncing back every time. You will see what was once veiled and hidden. You will see me raw, wild and pure.


I am now ready to share my medicine with the world, even more profoundly and deeply than I have shared in the past.


Blessed Be this Journey!