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Client Testimony

My experiences with Shamanic Reiki will forever be memorable ones due to the fact that my master teacher, Julie, has done everything in her power to fully detail the spiritual aspects in each class session, which have taught me to perform valuable tasks in my life. ~ Patricia

I was invited by Xia to participate as a guest priestess at Temple of the Goddess’ Imbolc ritual on Feb 1st. A time for new beginnings and initiations, Imbolc also marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. During the ritual, I sang in spirit tongue, opening up the gateways to the Four Directions and blessed the space as attendees prepared to walk a labyrinth. 

I felt my energies shifting in the days leading up to the event. I felt myself being “prepared.” I dreamed of geometric shapes and I felt exhausted for a few days as I released old energies. I even had a sore throat one day as that chakra cleared. I have had many spiritual deaths and rebirths on this journey and so often in the rebirthing process I feel fragile and sensitive afterwards. In many ways I feel I was reborn again on Imbolc and yet, I feel stronger now than I’ve ever been.

I had an opportunity to connect with the spirit of place prior to the arrival of guests. As the musicians practiced their songs, I slowly and silently danced the winding pathways of the labyrinth. When I reached its center, I opened the Faery Well. A single tear fell from each eye as I made my silent journey into and back from the Void.

I was grateful to have had the opportunity to ground and connect to the spirit of place. As I sang in ritual, I felt strong energies rising up from the earth and flowing through my body and my voice.

Through sacred tone, I invoked the Celtic Goddess Brighid, goddess of the sacred wells, of healing, inspiration and midwifery. She is often celebrated on Imbolc, a time of initiations and welcoming of the new life and light associated with spring. Her essence poured through me, through sacred tones. I was the Priestess, the Shaman, the Hollow Bone, singing in Spirit Tongue.

After I sang, Xia and I stood at the threshold of the labyrinth. I felt very much like a crossroads goddess blessing souls and guiding them on their journey between the realms. Individuals did not make the journey alone, several people journeyed the labyrinth together at one time. I loved that the community went in together and the unity consciousness shared in this symbolism. We walk our path, collectively transforming in Unity and Harmony with All.

The crossroads is a place of choice, where we utilize the power of our free will for personal transformation. It is a place ‘between’ here and there, a place between time and space, a place between the worlds where we meet and co-create with the forces of creation itself.

As I stood at the threshold of the labyrinth, I also stood at the crossroads of each person's transformational experience as they chose to move forward and prepared for conscious rebirth. I resonate greatly with the gods and spirits of the crossroads, as it is a place of powerful magic, transformation and healing. It is the place where the finite intersects with the infinite and we co-create with Spirit.

As our community moved through the labyrinth together, we healed and transformed as a collective. We unravelled and rewove our Selves back into being, emerging healed and whole. In many ways I see myself as a midwife to creation and this Imbolc, I felt as if I helped be a spiritual midwife to a community of people. What a blessing, indeed!!!

I embraced elders and children as they journeyed into the labyrinth. One child in particular had powerful healing gifts. One woman burst into tears the moment I embraced her. I held her until her energy shifted and was ready to move forward again. It was beautiful to feel peoples hearts open as we held each other in Harmony.

When it was over, a wise elder woman approached me and told me I had a transcendent power within my voice as I sang. She said the energy and tones of my voice helped hold the community in an embrace which helped them shift in powerful ways. I am so grateful to have been a part of this experience.

I have been through a number of rebirths myself on this journey and I definitely feel this has been another one, yet it is different this time around. Usually, I feel soft and energetically 'penetrable' following a big shift and I need some time to recover, much like a butterfly who emerges from the cocoon and her wings are wet. This time, I feel as if certain energies were crystalized into form within me. I feel clear. I feel strong. 

I feel deep gratitude for the opportunity to have been a part of this sacred experience and as a result, I wrote the following poem:


Imbolc Blessings (aka The Singing Witch)


Spirit tongue, sweetly singing

Hailing us towards new beginnings;

From the Great Below to the Great Above

the Water Bearer pours Her Love.


We step in rhythm, a Conscious Dance.

The labyrinthine path we walk, entranced.


We cry, we feel, 

We Love, we Heal; 

Unshackled, unwinding, 

the old spell's unbinding. 


Lifting the veil for an infinite kiss

We step into the Unknown, discovering Bliss.


Ancient enchantments now undone,

Reclaiming, Re-membering

Together, we are One.