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Client Testimony

Thank you Julie for the wonderful work you did with clearing our rental house. We finally rented the house four days after you performed the paranormal investigation and clearing of the house. We have gone back a few times to check on the new renters and they are thrilled with the house.  When we first bought the house I felt there was something not right but I thought with a little TLC the house would be perfect for renters.  Well, the first painter that came in for a week was experiencing noises in the house and as the week progressed all the doors where slamming shut.  Towards the end of the week he heard a voice tell him to "burn the house" and at that point he packed up and left without finishing his work.  The second worker, not related to the first worker, heard foot steps and whistling in the house while he was working alone. He brought a helper with him on the second day and he also heard the same noises. It took us 8 months to rent out the house the first time, and the tenants lasted 5 months and moved out of the house giving us no notice. This second time we had the house sitting there for 3 months with many people interested at first and then backing out at the last minute or practically disappearing on us. I am so glad I mentioned it to you and asked you to look into it.  Julie, the house now feels brighter and warmer.  I would have never guessed that we had 6 lost souls in that house.  Thank you for helping those lost souls go to the light and freeing them of being bounded in my house. You are truly amazing!  Thank you also for sharing with me the recordings of the entities.  The noises that where captured by you and your crew in your investigation work was amazing!  Sending many blessings to you... ~ Liz K, Palmdale, CA.

The spirit of the weeping willow is what first caught my eye when I moved to the place I currently reside. I was instantly enchanted by the beauty of this sacred tree. Her long, graceful branches swayed in the breeze, whispering my name on many afternoons and nights when the moon was full. 

On hot summer days, I felt the cooling ‘tears’ of the willow as I sat underneath her meditating or reading books. The willow taught me how to bend in the breeze and how to dance in the deep and silent stillness of Being. The willow helped bring healing to myself and others and has been a powerful teacher, watchful guardian and valuable friend to me over the years.

The night before this past New Year’s Eve, a wind storm blew the willow tree down. I not only heard, but felt the thunderous crack rise up from the below as the trunk snapped from the force of the wind. I had known the willow would not last forever, as there were beetles and evidence of root rot that I tried to combat but ultimately failed in remedying.
In the following days, I watched as my sacred tree friend was dismembered with chainsaws on my front lawn. My heart was consumed with grief and I felt the situation to be symbolic of old structures in my life crashing down around me. I felt as if a part of me was dying inside. I collected leaves and medicinal bark from the tree as well as branches to fashion healing wands.
The following morning, my grief lifted as I was reminded by spirit that the willow is a tree of immortality. It is said that if you place the branch of a willow in damp soil, a tree will grow.  I took cuttings and rooted 9 willow babies from the original tree. I ritualized the experience, making it sacred.
As the truck was loaded with all her pieces, I called to the healing spirit of the willow tree from my temple space. I asked it to stay with me in this place, within the wands I would fashion from its branches and within the saplings I would grow from her cuttings. 
And it is so.
I was told by spirit to take the saplings to different places and plant them or gift them to others who know the sacredness of the willow tree so they too, may heal and grow. I was told to create healing wands for others, so that the willow spirit and her teachings could help others in other places.
Before, the willow was limited to being in the one place it was planted.  Now, the willow spirit is traveling to many places upon the earth.
What a blessing our Journey together has been.