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Client Testimony

Julie's energy is wonderful and her way of explaining and teaching is so natural. All those that are part of this meetup are down to earth and warm people. This is a true safe sanctuary to learn and to grow! ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA

Yesterday, I went to go on a hike but when I arrived, there was no parking in my usual place. I decided to enter the park from a different location I had never been to before, following intuitive guidance. I found the trail head easily, parked my car and walked down the incline.

As I walked, a glorious oak tree caught my eye off to the right.

I gasped in amazement at its beauty. The oak had long ago been split open by lightning or perhaps a fire and then had self-healed, leaving a wonderful hollow large enough for an adult human to easily stand inside.

I immediately stepped off trail to explore more closely. As I approached, I could feel a strong spirit presence. I paused, opening myself to the spirit of place.

“I come in the name of the Lady,” I said.

Feeling a shift in energy, I approached the tree with reverence and purity of heart. I could feel the power building as I drew near. When I touched the bark, a wave of energy washed through me that was so powerful and beautiful, I was brought to tears. I allowed the tears to flow, feeling cleansed as they streamed down my face.

I peeked inside the hollow. Wildflowers and sage had been left as sacred offerings by others who had been there before me. The inner walls were blackened from fire. Spirit faces appeared in the charred walls.

The hollow went up inside a thick branch and I could imagined a family of owls living inside the darkened space. The roots at the base of the tree were hollow as well and I envisioned gnomes navigating through tiny tunnels leading into the hollow hills of the faery realm.

“Come inside,” a female voice said to me. It was the spirit of the tree.

I stepped inside the hollow and immediately felt waves of energy rising up from the earth beneath me. I felt the energy moving through me, vibrating me, changing me. I felt a sacredness rising up from below and within that I had never felt before. Once again, I was brought to tears.

I peered outward from the hollow and looked up at the branches and leaves.

“Mother, hear me,” I whispered.

In that moment, everything around me came to life. The breeze suddenly picked up and the branches moved. Leaves rained down onto the hillside. A squirrel jumped from a nearby pine tree into the mighty oak. A bird began to sing, then another and another. A hawk cried from above and off to the left.

Living magic danced around me and through me as I communed with the spirit of place. Waves of silver-blue energy rose up from below through my entire being. I was standing in a fountain of blue flame and I could feel it’s light commingling with the light within my own heart. I was filled with awe and bliss and a deep and profound magic I have never experienced before.

I stood in the hollow of the Sacred Oak tree for nearly an hour. At times I sang my heart’s song in offering. At times I was silent, invisible to passers by. I felt deeply connected to the forces of creation. I felt synchronized to the rhythms of life, the pulse of the universe. I felt supported by nature, by spirit, my ancestors and unseen allies.

I am forever changed from the experience and I am in Gratitude.

A new teacher tree has come into my life, the Sacred Oak! Where the Willow taught me how to heal and how to bend in the breeze, the Oak is now teaching me strength. As I grow with the light of the sun, I look forward to new discoveries through co-creative experiences with the Sacred Oak Tree.

Bless Be the Sacred Trees!