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Client Testimony

Thank you Julie for the wonderful work you did with clearing our rental house. We finally rented the house four days after you performed the paranormal investigation and clearing of the house. We have gone back a few times to check on the new renters and they are thrilled with the house.  When we first bought the house I felt there was something not right but I thought with a little TLC the house would be perfect for renters.  Well, the first painter that came in for a week was experiencing noises in the house and as the week progressed all the doors where slamming shut.  Towards the end of the week he heard a voice tell him to "burn the house" and at that point he packed up and left without finishing his work.  The second worker, not related to the first worker, heard foot steps and whistling in the house while he was working alone. He brought a helper with him on the second day and he also heard the same noises. It took us 8 months to rent out the house the first time, and the tenants lasted 5 months and moved out of the house giving us no notice. This second time we had the house sitting there for 3 months with many people interested at first and then backing out at the last minute or practically disappearing on us. I am so glad I mentioned it to you and asked you to look into it.  Julie, the house now feels brighter and warmer.  I would have never guessed that we had 6 lost souls in that house.  Thank you for helping those lost souls go to the light and freeing them of being bounded in my house. You are truly amazing!  Thank you also for sharing with me the recordings of the entities.  The noises that where captured by you and your crew in your investigation work was amazing!  Sending many blessings to you... ~ Liz K, Palmdale, CA.

"Art opens the closets, airs out the cellars and attics. It brings healing."   ~ Julia Cameron from her book The Artist's Way.

Born from the mists of time the healing power of art, music and creative expression have always been intuitively known. Ancient tribal cultures used dance, music, costume and storytelling to invoke or release specific energies (spirit) for healing. Whether these rituals were used to purify the tribesman before the hunt or invite the blessings of spirit, all tribal people essentially believed that there was a healing energy or spirit that could be released from an individual by going into the sacred space of music or art and fully participating in the experience.


Art as a healing modality was at first intuitive and then became a conscious intention of tribal people as they created sacred ceremonial rituals involving music, dance, costumes, art and other forms of visual expression to connect to and invoke the unseen energies of spirit.  The methods of utilizing art as a healing modality may have changed over the centuries, but it's capacity to invoke healing, transformation and change within a single individual or an entire society remains as powerful as ever as creative inspiration taps into an infinite energetic reservoir of possibility.

If you would like to read more about the history of art as a healing practice and how it has evolved over time, please click on the following link: