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Client Testimony

For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session. ~ Jill K., Los Angeles


It has come to my attention that the healers and healing community needs healing right now in a serious way. There has been a rise in the need for healing within our society as we deal with the ever changing economy, the rise in unemployment and other stresses in our everyday lives which affect our bodies, minds and spirits.  The healers are there to help us and guide us through these shifts but they too are being affected by energetic imbalances.  One of the common stigmas of the healer as the 'rescuer' is that they are so focussed on giving aid and helping others that they at times put their own needs aside which can cause issues.  Frankly put, the healers need healing. 

I am sure that if I am seeing these things happening within my own circles it is happening elsewhere across the globe.  Fear-based reactions and egoic projections are just a few examples of what I have witnessed which are indicative of energetic imbalances and a lack of grounding.  The first thought that comes to mind as to why this is happening is the poor economy.  However, at a deeper level we are quite possibly resonating wth the pain of the damaged environment and mother earth herself and this is also throwing us off balance... The reasons for imbalance are infinite, as we know.

But the fact of the matter is we all do healing work and we need to get back into that place of harmony NOW because what we are doing to each other as a community is the opposite of healing.  We are not only causing harm to ourselves by remaining in this place, but we are tearing each other down as well. We need to stop that or else the environment & mother earth will never be healed, let alone everyone else on the planet.  As we head towards 2012 we can all feel the shifting of energy taking place.  We know it is our job to help educate and guide others to that place of healing as well as help humankind evolve and ultimately, restore balance to the entire planet.  But most importantly, the healing needs to begin within each of us as we bond together as a commUNITY so we may do the good work we were sent here to do in a beauty way.

We are living art, inspiring others towards transformation and growth within their lives.  We are innovators of change, pointing the way for others to find empowerment and enlightenment, leading others towards profound Awakenings, one person at a time.  We are sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, teachers and guides to ourselves and each other.  Let us come together and unite in consciousness as we send healing to ourselves and each other so we may do our best.

I would like to propose we spend a day honoring this work and each other.  May we unite in consciousness, creating a collective of thoughts, prayers and energy riding on the rays of sunlight beginning at the dawn of the Spring Equinox.  Throughout the entire day we shall meet in the NOW and be present wherever we are across the globe at the time of equal day and equal night, restoring balance of light and dark within our own lives and each other as a commUNITY. 

Feel free to spend any length of time you wish holding this sacred space and sending energy.  The spring is a time for new beginnings, so let us renew and restore each other as we were born to do and carry that energy with us throughout the day and share it everyone we encounter.  As the earth rotates and the sun moves from east to west, let the light of the sun carry this consciousness across the globe like a blanket of healing light to all the healers, lightworkers, teachers and guides as we hold space for ourselves and each other in unison.  

When: Spring Equinox (3/20/10)
Time: Beginning at Sunrise and throughout the entire day
Where: Everywhere across the Globe

Please, spread the word so we can truly make this a global event.  This event is not restricted to healers, anyone can hold space and send prayers, healing and light if they are drawn to do it.  Post this link in Twitter or on your Facebook page if you feel inspired to create positive change.  The healing has to start somewhere and it begins within each of us.  We know there are big things in store as we approach 2012, we can feel it.  Let's take a stand together and help each other do the work we need to do.  As individuals, we are powerful.  But there is no limit to what we can do if we stand together as ONE. 


PS - I felt the need to add this postscript...  If you have a website and/or a community of people that you would like to use to get people on board and create a global community of healing and oneness, please do. If you feel more comfortable promoting it as an event of your own rather than sending people to this website--PLEASE DO IT.  I don't care about recognition, it's not about me or any one individual, it's about the HEALING that needs to take place in the community as a whole which is why I was called into action to get this started.  :-)