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Client Testimony

I have a skin condition called Psoriasis that has been effecting the back of my ears and lower part of my scalp. I have been suffering with this condition for about 3 or 4 years now. I received my Reiki 1 attunement with Julie a week ago and to my amazement, 6 days into my self-treatment, I noticed that the Psoriasis behind my right ear was about 98% cleared up! It wasn't itchy or inflamed at all… ~ Sage O., Northridge, CA

Got headaches?  Sure, we all get them every once in a while. Most of the time a headache is indicative of dehydration.  But if a glass of water doesn't help you and you don't feel like having a belly full of pills, you may want to try the following meditation technique to ease your pain.

Crystals have been used in energy healing since the dawn of time.  Scientists have discovered that crystals have the capacity to absorb, store and transmit energy which is why quartz crystals are used in batteries, watches and electronics.  This quality within the crystals is activated by pressure (piezoelectric) or by heat (pyroelectric).  Science has also discovered that our bones and some of our major organs are also very crystaline in structure and are also piezoelectric, which is why crystals work so well to help promote healing and bring our physical bodies back into a state of balance. 

Items needed:
Amethyst Crystal
Glass/bottle of water
White Candle (optional)

Ground and center yourself in a place where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off all phones, burn some sage and even light a white candle if you feel drawn to though it is not necessary.  Some may feel the need to prepare by taking a ritual bath or doing a special cleansing to create sacred space prior to doing this meditation.  Do whatever you feel drawn to do, follow your heart and your intuition to make this healing meditation your own.  This meditation is very shamanic in nature and may not be for everyone as it utilizes our own inner vision to take us on a journey through the energy of the crystal.  If you are a visual person or are adept at meditation and sustaining mental focus, you should have no problems. 

* Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. 

* Hold the amethyst crystal to the part of your head where you feel the source of the pain. 

* Feel the coolness of the crystal as you connect to your breath.

* Feel the rhythm of your breath as you do a progressive relaxation from your head down to your feet, relaxing all your muscles and releasing all tension on the exhale. 

* Quiet the mind, let yourself go and focus again on the crystal. 

* Connect to the energy of the crystal, go inside it and let it connect to you, breathing in its energy. 

* Be open to the journey that the crystal will take you on and the learning it has to show you. 

* You may be taken to the depths of the ocean or deep within the earth or out of your body into outer space.  Be open to whatever images come to you and go with the flow.  Stay with the energy for as long as you can and be open to any lessons that come to you.  Utilize all your senses as you do this and be open to whatever comes to you, trusting everything.

* The healing takes as long as it needs to.  You will feel a shift when the healing is complete and will be brought back into your body, free of pain.

* Drink water to further clear any residual energetic debris from your physical body.

* Thank the energy and thank yourself for taking the time to heal and honor yourself.