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Client Testimony

Julie is not only an amazing woman but an outstanding teacher.  I have learned so much from her Shamanic Reiki classes and have grown in ways I have never imagined.  Her knowledge and expertise of her craft clearly shows and has taken me on a journey far beyond my expectations.  I look forward to every class and all the magic it brings into my life! ~ Angela N. 

Happy Earth Day! 

Today is a day to honor our planet and the life she provides us by recycling, generating less waste than usual, walking instead of driving to the corner store, spending time in nature, being conscious of and choosing 'greener' alternatives to promote sustainable and local farming and in general GIVE BACK to the earth for so many gifts that she has provided us over the milennia.  Whether your choices are driven by politics, health or spiritual reasons, today is the day to give back and honor the earth.

My personal favorite way of honoring the earth is by connecting to her energies, including those of the plant and animal kingdoms.  I always engage my reiki when I go on hikes, as it makes the experience that much more profound.  This being noted, I would like to share an experience I had just yesterday afternoon.  My boyfriend and I went to the LA Zoo yesterday (a wonderful place by the way, I recommend a visit there to anyone who hasn't been there recently - they've really made the place quite beautiful with the flora of the botanical gardens.).  While at the zoo, we had an experience with the gorillas that I would like to share with you.  

As we approached the gorilla habitat, we could barely see them as they were way up on the hill behind some larger plants and rocks. At this point I activated my reiki and called to them in my mind. I sent cho ku rei to open the gateways of communication and then the master symbol, calling out to them to hear me and to be my friend, sending loving vibrations of reiki light. At that moment, the big male silverback stood up and looked over. Then, one by one they walked by, making eye contact with me as if to say, "go to the next window." We did just that and in this section we were able to meet face to face, only separated by the thickness of the glass. 

There were four gorillas in this space. The large male silverback was playing with a younger smaller gorilla.  Another gorilla was just passing through.  And finally, one was seated right next to the window, munching on some branches, watching me intently.  I showed him my reiki hands and he did not move away.  I moved closer so I could be right up against the glass and continued to beam reiki from my palms and we began to interact with each other!  I interacted with the gorilla by blowing him kisses...and he would stick out his tongue at me! I made the sign for beautiful in sign language, he stuck out his tongue again! lol. I spent several minutes enjoying this interaction with this exceptionally powerful yet gentle creature.  He even posed for the picture shown above...

Later we moved to the next window where the big silverback made eye contact and moved quickly to us and moved to Steve first for a minute, checking him up and down (dominant male ha ha), then me. I held up my reiki hands and he put his head down, as if bowing, with the head up against the glass right before me. I put my hands on the glass and gave him reiki. His head was HUGE, bigger than a very large watermelon. It was a beautiful experience. The power and gentleness that emanated from these huge creatures and being able to be right there... If people weren’t there I would have stayed for hours just giving them loving reiki and interacting. But there were we had to go so they could have a chance to play with the gorillas too. It was awesome though. I have a season pass for the zoo now so I can go back and visit my hairy friends whenever I feel like it (and because the zoo is a non-profit, it's tax deductible so you should really go).

So with that said I encourage each of you who choose to read this to spend some time in nature today and if you cannot, then do something, no matter how small, to make this world a better place to live.  Pick up someone else's litter, recycle, choose to not support industrialized farming for ONE day, choose to use the power of your dollar to go towards something positive and beneficial rather than destructive to the earth.  Even if you choose to simply meditate on sending the earth healing and loving light vibrations for a few minutes, it's better than nothing at all. 

Every single choice you make is a powerful one and we make hundreds of different choices each day.  Together, we CAN heal the earth and make this world a better, cleaner place to live.  Namaste.