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Client Testimony

For years I have been plagued with medical conditions that western medicine cannot explain or understand.  Recently I woke up to find both eyes swollen shut. Julie came to my house to do a full reiki session on me.  She did psychic surgery and extracted all past health problems from my body. It was the most amazing experience!  Nearly all the swelling was gone from my eyes by the end of the session. ~ Jill K., Los Angeles

Just after the autumn equinox, Spirit gave me the following message, "Planetary shifts will result in feelings of deep tiredness and extreme anxiousness/ cravings/ energy in sensitive individuals periodically.  Clearing emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies and practicing detachment/surrender/letting go will alleviate resistance aka pain and discomfort in said bodies and will greatly benefit individuals in their learning, healing and ascension journey."   I didn’t realize how important this message would be to me, my students and clients until now.   


Stress Relief 101:   Doing it Goddess StyleWhen learning about the world of energy it is important for us to first understand how outside influences affect our inner balance.  This includes our environment, the people who surround us in our daily lives, television and the foods we eat, among other things. However, it is also important to look within and understand how our own fears, emotional ‘baggage’ and our beliefs about who we are as individuals and the world around us can have a huge impact upon how we feel as well, as these things not only color but can also limit our very life experience if we are unaware.  There have been numerous medical case studies on the correlation between emotional balance and physical wellbeing.  Scientific advancements have created the tools to ‘see’ the energy our bodies have been feeling for years.  Krillian photography is just one example of this.  The time for separation between our body, mind, spirit and emotions is over.  Holistic medicine teaches us what the Ancients have known for millennia.  Everything is connected.  We as a human race are all connected.  Nothing is separate.  We are all one people, one race, one planet, one galaxy, one consciousness aka the Universe.  The macrocosm is within the microcosm and vice versa.  We are truly One.  What we do to ourselves affects everything and everyone around us and it’s time for us to take responsibility for our actions.  The Rise of Gaia ConsciousnessAt a global level we are now paying the toll for our choices, actions and decisions going back many generations. Some may argue that for the past 2000 years masculine energy has been the primary influence over the human race but now we are entering the time of what many have referred to as the return of the Sacred Feminine.  This is not necessarily just an outside influence it is relevant to our very nature and our connection to the Sacred Feminine within our Self. Anyone can see that we human beings have become disconnected from our planet because of the way we have been treating it.  Some may argue that with the rise of technological advancements in order to simplify our daily tasks and make our lives ‘pain free’ have ultimately enabled humans to become detached from their inner sense of Self as well as the planet and nature.  We live in buildings with conditioned air and simulated sunlight.  Pavement is everywhere.  Our feet hardly come in contact with the earth anymore.  Our planet, also known as Gaia, the earth mother is showing us that she needs love and care at this time.  But as our outer world is truly a reflection of our own inner state of being, it could be surmised that we also need to love and care for our own inner Gaia, our own inner ‘goddess’ or Sacred Feminine aspect of Self.  Spending time in nature and reconnecting to the earth and the elements and being in the sunshine is one way of healing and balancing the Self.Have you ever wondered why there has been such a rise in the amount of allergies people have these days?  Our bodies are acting as if the environment is ‘attacking’ us.  Did they have allergies a thousand years ago?  Not nearly as many allergies as we have today.  There wasn’t as much pollution or chemicals in the air, either.  Have you wondered why now there are conditions such as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)?  The number one remedy for SAD is sunshine, because with sunshine, our body absorbs more vitamin D in just 10 minutes than from any food or pill that we can take.  Sunshine!  What is this saying about us as a culture?  It doesn’t surprise me that many are developing food allergies and dis-eases such as Seliacs.  The food we are consuming isn’t even real food anymore.  Much of the food on the shelves in stores has been genetically modified in some way or contains chemicals.  Our bodies are speaking to us and want us to reconnect to the plants and nourish ourselves with food directly from the earth.  Our bodies are not meant to be fuelled by chemicals fabricated in a laboratory.  Listening to the body and honoring the needs of the body is one way of embracing the Sacred Feminine into your life.Western culture and left brain thinking is very masculine in energy.  With a focus on accomplishments and analytical thought, this lifestyle has influenced our behavior and how we see the world to the point where we had nearly lost the Sacred Feminine aspect of Self.  We multitask and set goals and structure our lives so our days are full to the point where we are exhausted on a daily basis.  We can’t sit still and relax because our minds are programmed to believe that if we are not DOING something at all times, we are wasting time. When we do sit still for a moment our ego feels uncomfortable and does something to distract us from simply BEING. Day after day our stress rises, as do our adrenaline levels, our fears, worries and blood pressure.  It’s as if we are like a balloon that keeps expanding, it is as if we have forgotten how to exhale.  We keep consuming and consuming, taking in energy in various ways, but not letting go.   If a balloon continues to expand in such a way, it will eventually pop.  But what is it that we are ‘hoarding’ and why?  Is it really ‘stuff’?  Or is the stuff consumers collect just an outward manifestation of something within us at the emotional level?  Either way you choose to see it, it is time for us to learn how to embrace the Sacred Feminine within us and its teachings, as it will teach us how to embrace the art of letting go, releasing, relaxing, dreaming, unwinding, nurturing, being compassionate and loving, preserving, creating and healing. Learning about the Sacred Feminine energy that exists within each of us teaches us to honor our feelings and our need to release what is old and outmoded in our life.  It teaches us to let go of what is ‘dead’ so that we can be ‘reborn’.  It teaches us to take time to restore and come back into balance and harmony, not just within the Self, but within the All and the Everything that is the entire Universe.  It teaches us to be flexible and to be in the flow of life.  Just as our planet is teaching us at this time to restore, preserve and nourish the environment, we are also learning to heal and replenish our feminine nature, our bodies and our emotions.Honoring the Sacred Feminine within us is to learn how to honor not just our body, but our emotions by learning to live from our heart’s center.  When we learn how to listen to and honor our body and emotions by paying attention to how we feel, healing can take place.  By stepping into the flow of life and embracing the Sacred Feminine to find inner balance, we allow ourselves to evolve and grow into the best possible versions of our Selves. This is how we do it Goddess styleWhen life gets tough and stress is high, we need a pressure release button so we can let off steam in a healthy way. Let these simple, creative and meditative suggestions help you release pressure and awaken your own inner Sacred Feminine energies when needed to restore balance and harmony into your body and life:Slow your Roll.  Feminine energy is gentle and subtle, yet it permeates deeply to through all aspects of our being down into cell tissue and even our DNA.  Working with the Sacred Feminine may take some time to produce obvious change, but you will discover the results are more permanent over time than with ‘quick fixes’.  When we slow down and take time to honor the Self and to rest, restore and relax we allow the body to process and integrate what is needed as well as let go of what no longer serves us.  This takes place by being present moment without distraction.  The energy flowing through us now is powerful and we are growing and evolving each day.  Rest and relaxation allows the energy to permeate down to the cellular level and allows the transformation to take place fully at every aspect of being.Honor your Emotions.  Taking time to honor our emotional state is very important.  When we were children, we processed our emotions from moment to moment as we ‘cried like a baby’.  As we got older, we were programmed to believe that this behavior is not acceptable and we learned how to ‘stuff’ our emotions way down deep.  The energy is still within us and wants to be expressed.  Emotions, like water, ebb and flow like the tide.  When we resist the natural flow of our emotions and suppress them, we create blockages in our body system which over time can manifest as dis-ease.  Take time to honor the true depth of your emotions.  Learn to live from your heart's center and do all things from a place of love.  Create your own healing process of clearing your emotional body through meditation, journaling or any of the following activities listed below. Physical Exercise is a good technique to vent physical stress and detach from excessive thoughts.  For some of you this may work well but for others who still have too much energy, aggression or anxiety you may wish to regard the manner in which you are exercising.  Is it vigorous and aggressive?  If so the aggressive force in your workout routine may actually be adding to the tension that your body wants to release.  Excess adrenaline in the body that is not released is first stored in the muscles as tension. You may wish to change your technique if you are experiencing this and incorporate additional stretching, meditation, tai chi or vinyasa yoga into your practice.  I especially recommend any activity that is fluid in movement and works with the natural flow of the breath.  Eat Like a Goddess with a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Eat plenty of Alkaline Foods to improve health.  Alkalinity within the body is very important for our health.  The human body should be slightly alklaline, with a pH of 7.35 to 7.45.  When the body is too acidic, dis-ease is manifested.  A body with a pH of 6.9 can induce coma and death.  Acid is stored in muscle tissue as tension and in fat cells, creating cellulite.  Avoid acid forming foods such as coffee, dairy, red meat, spicy food, soda, cheese, sugar, beer, pastries and artificial sweeteners.  A neutral food which is neither alkaline nor acidic is considered to have a pH of 7.  It takes 32 glasses of alkaline water with a pH of 10 to neutralize a single glass of cola (pH 2.5). Just Breathe.  Conscious breathing is a wonderful technique that can be incorporated into your own personal healing practice at any level.  Simply become aware of the breath and its flow in and out of your own body.  We breathe in what the body needs and we release what we don’t need just by breathing.  But when we bring the simple act of breathing to a conscious level, the energy is amplified.  When combined with the intention of healing for your Highest Good deep healing can take place.  Simply breathe in love and exhale fear.  Breathe in slowly and deeply, imagining you are breathing in love energy into your heart’s center.  Hold the energy there at the top of the breath for a few moments and then gently exhale and release the fear and anything else that does not serve your Highest Good.Be in the body.  Slow down your movement and become intensely aware of your body and how it feels through all your senses.  Feel each muscle as it slowly stretches and the sensations it creates through simple movements slowed down in pace. Feel your breath and the muscle sensation as your ribcage stretches as you take a slow deep inhale.  Feel your body and its natural rhythm.  If the muscles are tense, energy cannot leave the body.  Relax tension in all areas of your body and feel the sensations as you simply breathe in deep and slow as you simply feel and relax.  If you find your mind is wandering, gently remind yourself that nothing is more important than this single moment and return your awareness to your breath.  Enjoy feeling and being in the body each day.Give it to the Mama.  Gaia is the earth mother and one of the blessings of the earth is that she has the capacity to absorb and hold energy.  The earth absorbs the rain as it falls from the sky, it absorbs the warmth of the sunshine which helps seedlings sprout and grow to provide us food and oxygen to breathe.  The earth takes what is dead and decayed and uses it as ‘fertilizer’ for new growth and in turn provides for us all we need to live a healthy life.  As you sit under a tree or spend time in nature, imagine anything you do not need leaving your body and being absorbed into the depths of the earth.  Give your pain away to Gaia and she will help you heal by creating space in the body temple to allow new energy to enter into your body and life, revitalizing and renewing you from within.Dig a Hole.  Here is another way of giving your pain and frustrations to the earth.  Go out into nature and away from your place of residence and dig a hole.  Scream all your frustrations, worries and problems into the hole. Then fill the hole up with earth and walk away, forgetting where you dug the hole in the first place.Find a Rock.  Or Two.  Or Three.  Go outside and find a rock that you are drawn to.  Hold it in your dominant hand and breathe, imagining all your frustration, pain, anguish, stress or sorrow going into the stone.  Imagine that stone absorbing all that you do not need.  When you ‘feel’ the stone get ‘full’ of your energy, throw it away from you.  Repeat as necessary until you feel better.Salt Baths.  Salt is associated with the element of earth and absorbs negative energy.  Taking a salt bath helps purify the aura, detoxify the skin and remove unwanted energy from the body temple.  Salt baths are very relaxing and even help alleviate muscle pain.  Simply add 1 cup of salt (any kind) and 1 cup of baking soda to the bath and soak for 20-30 minutes once or twice per week as needed.Be Creative.  The ability to create life is one of the gifts of the Sacred Feminine.  We are all creative beings with the ability to make ideas come into form and manifest our dreams into reality.  Embrace that quality within yourself and spend time creating, whether it is by cooking, painting, gardening, singing or creatively expressing in some way.Self-Drying Clay.  Speaking of being creative, this is a fun technique that I have used on myself.  I have used it to release frustration, stress, lethargy and creative blocks and have found it to be quite useful.  Take some self-drying clay and simply mold it into any shape you ‘feel’.  It doesn’t have to make sense. The most important part of this exercise is to connect to whatever ‘ick’ is inside of you that you want to get out.  Imagine as you breathe, the ‘ick’ from within is being sent out through your hands and into the clay.  Pound the clay.  Yell at it if you feel like it.  Just get it all out.  Then let the clay dry.  Keep it as a memento of what you have released to honor the self-work you have done, bury it in the earth or smash it into a million pieces and throw it away.  Whatever you choose to do to ‘transform’ what you have released is up to you.  Let your intuition guide you. Get to know the Goddesses.  The different Goddesses represented in the different pantheons of earth based traditions can represent different aspects of our own Self and inner Sacred Feminine qualities.  As we learn about our Self and what we need at an emotional and intuitive level we may feel drawn to working more deeply with Goddess energy.  For instance, if you desire more love and compassion in your life, learning about the goddess Kwan Yin can help you learn how embrace those qualities more deeply into your life.  If you are in need of mothering, perhaps learning about Isis can help you awaken your own inner Divine Mother.   If you wish to open to your own sexuality or personal empowerment you may wish to learn about Lilith or one of the many other goddesses as they all have great wisdom in their teachings.Play with yourself.  Yes, you read that right and the innuendo is intended.  The chakra center where our creative Sacred Feminine energy is located is the Svaddisthana, our Sacral Chakra.  This chakra is deeply associated with pleasure and includes our sexual reproductive organs (for women).  Culture has made our sexuality shameful and taboo.  However, the orgasm as a healing tool can be quite powerful.  When we work with this energy center of the body and use the orgasm as a healing tool, we can learn to take energy in or release energy from our body.  It is our intention which determines the result.  Try it (alone or with another person) and see how you feel. ;-)It is time for us as a culture and as a society to embrace the Sacred Feminine within each and every one of us and learn new and healthy ways to nourish all aspects of our being.  When we live from our heart's center and take time to listen, feel, process and release then we can understand the true needs of our bodies, minds, spirits and emotions and live a life of balance and harmony with the entire Universe.  Namaste.

Mercury the planet will be going retrograde from August 2nd until August 26th, 2011.  The term 'retrograde' refers to planetary movement where the planet seems to move 'backwards' across the sky.  Every planet has retrograde periods and the length of time and frequency in which they occur depend on where they are located in our solar system.  Mercury retrogrades tend to happen approximately 3 times per year and last for about 3 1/2 weeks at a time.  Based on the fact that mercury is so close to earth, many tend to feel the effects of mercury retrograde, though few understand WHY they feel they way they do.


As many of you know, I have been working closely with the Ascended Masters and other beings of light from the Highest Dimensions for some time now. They speak to me and through me each day and I am honored and blessed to work with them as well as to be a part of such a beautiful time in this world. For each of us have chosen to be here at this truly transformative time in history...aren't you excited to see what happens next? We have front row seats for the Awakening of the entire Human Race and though this may have different meaning to each individual who reads this, it is undeniable something big is happening. We can feel it inside us when we are in those moments of stillness.


Heat Splash Spray
This cooling mist helps you ‘beat the heat’ and is recommended to soothe and help heal heat rash on the skin, should it occur during these hot summer months.
Mix the following ingredients in a clean empty spray bottle. (Preferably made of glass.)

Combine 6 drops of each of the following essential oils:

1 tsp alcohol (vodka is fine)

1 cup spring water

Mix in spray bottle and shake well before use.
Spray all over body as needed to keep cool.

As we strive to make our inner world truly match our outer world and manifest all our hopes and dreams into reality, it is extremely important to take into consideration our Shadow-Self. Our Shadow includes the subconcious and is key to manifesting much of our unwanted experiences in life.  We create our own reality.  Therefore, while consciously creating and manifesting our dreams, we also need to take into consideration our subconscious which includes our Shadow-Self. 


The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us! People are running around in a flurry, buying last minute ingredients to prepare the feast and share in their own harvest. In the rush of the holidays it can be difficult to find time for ourselves and I encourage you to make some sacred time to honor yourself and be grateful for all the accomplishments and hard work you have done this year...


Eckhart Tolle says, "You are the light of the world. You are the consciousness that illuminates the world. Know yourself as that, and that's freedom, liberation, awakening, the end of suffering and madness. And it's happening right here."


Let's face it - if we were all as honorable as we claim to be, this world would be a better place... Let us be positive examples to others by reminding ourselves to follow through with what we say by having our actions match our words. The energy of 'walking the walk' and not just 'talking the talk' allows our inner world to align with our outer world and keeps us from adding additional & unnecessary chaos into our lives. This is the energy of integrity. ♥

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…are heading our way!  Yes, it's that time again.  There is a series of Eclipses heading our way bringing sudden change into our lives in ways we did not expect.  My personal theory on this is that the more information we have, the more prepared we are to navigate through the upcoming changes that could otherwise unexpectedly shake us to the very foundations of our being.  Forewarned is forearmed!  Below are dates of eclipses taking place through the remainder of the year:June 26th – Partial Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in CancerJuly 11th – Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Cancer, Sun in CancerDecember 21st – Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon in Cancer, Sun enters Capricorn, Winter SolsticeThe following are some guidelines to help you navigate through the upcoming eclipses through the duration of 2010.  Please note that these are guidelines and not hard-fast rules.  Generally speaking, all eclipses bring news, revealing that which was ‘hidden’ or obscured from view in some way.  Eclipses also bring change.  Some eclipses bring positive change and transformation whereas others can be a bit more challenging to our lives. Some of you may recall the series of eclipses that took place last year, the most eclipses that have taken place in a single year since the year JFK was assassinated.  If a solar eclipse landed on or within 2 or 3 days of your birthday, it very well could have triggered a one year cycle for you the beginning of a new phase within your life and you will most likely see the changes come to fruition by your next birthday.  Conversely, if a lunar eclipse lands on your birthday, it will signify an upcoming year of endings and closure for you.  Either way, you can expect massive change if an eclipse falls on your Sun sign, Moon sign or another planet/point in your natal chart.  Check with your astrologer to find out exact details on how the upcoming eclipses will affect you specifically.Solar eclipses always occur on the new moon.  They tend to mark new beginnings and are generally more positive in nature than negative.  A solar eclipse takes place when the moon is directly between the Earth and the Sun.  The moon obscures the light of the Sun from the Earth.  The energy of the Sun has always been regarded as fiery and masculine in nature.  Because of this, the energy of a solar eclipse is more likely to affect males more intensely than females.Lunar eclipses always occur when the moon is full and tend to signify an ending of some kind.  A lunar eclipse takes place when the when the Earth is directly between the Sun and the Moon.  The Earth obscures the light of the Sun shining upon the Moon.  Oftentimes events that occur on the day of a lunar eclipse seem to be destined or fated in some way.The energy of the Moon, especially the Full Moon has always been regarded as feminine in nature and therefore will affect women more strongly than men.   When the moon is full our intuition is heightened, as well as the watery ‘tides’ of our emotions, memories and dreams.  A lunar eclipse is an extremely powerful Full Moon and will most definitely hit us hard as it is always difficult to let go of things. If you find yourself faced with an ending and need help letting something go, please see my previous blog posting The Trick to Letting Things Go.  Regardless of whether or not you see the news the upcoming eclipses bring you as positive or negative, these eclipses are taking place to help us move forward in life, to learn and to grow and better ourselves in ways that perhaps we would not normally choose for ourselves.  Ultimately, these events and changes that take place are for our Highest Good.  How do we know when something is happening for our Highest Good in life?  Because it IS happening.Eclipses can bring rapid change into our lives and it may seem as if life is in fast forward.  The days surrounding an eclipse can also affect our sense of time.  Many times, eclipses will bring external events into our lives that affect us internally, inspiring change from within.  This will be in the form of news and big life events that are powerful, direct & lasting.  Whatever the eclipse brings into your life, be open and embrace the change!  Accept whatever news you receive as truth and move forward, focusing on the future instead of the past.If an eclipse falls in your sign or opposite (this series is in Cancer/Capricorn) your sign, it is always a good rule of thumb to pay attention to your health at this time.  Go to the doctors and get that checkup.  Keep solid on that workout routine and be sure to eat healthy and get plenty of rest.  Many times the rapid changes brought about by an eclipse will either cause some stress or the need to react quickly so it will be in your best interest to stay healthy and keep your wits about you!It is better to listen and react rather than setting forth your own agendas and plans at this time.  Avoid ultimatums and serious relationship talks at this time or it may lead to someone being ‘eclipsed’ from your life.  Consider opportunities revealed to you by others at this time, but do not make your own announcements or big decisions.  If you can, wait at LEAST a week for the ‘cosmic dust’ to settle as plans generally do not work out as expected.   For instance it is ok to accept a new job, but don’t quit your job at this time.  Truth tends to surface like a geyser during eclipse timing.  The light of truth will reveal things in unexpected ways and you may learn the true character and motivations of a person during this time. Know that whatever ‘space’ is created in your life through endings brought on by the upcoming lunar eclipse, it will be replaced.  This is the Universe’s way of making room for other things to come in your life.  Remember that control is merely an illusion and that no matter how hard we may struggle to keep things ‘status quo’ the Universe needs to shake things up a bit or else we would never grow in ways we need to in this life. Eclipses can also bring unexpected miracles into our lives, granting wishes. But with these wishes being granted we will be forced to face new challenges and fears.  Move forward and face your fears, they will reveal surprising strengths about you that you never knew existed. The news and events that will take place usually occur within 5 days before or after an eclipse.  However, it can be longer than that, this is just a guideline.  The news isn’t always going to be frightening.  Eclipses can change your life for the better in ways you never dreamed, impacting your entire life.  Be open to the possibility!  If you have been working hard towards a goal, the eclipse could help you move forward propelling you to the actualization of your dreams, wishes, hopes and desires!  Perspective is always a choice!Below are a few links to maps showing visible pathways on the upcoming eclipses through the remainder of 2010.  Even if you are unable to see the eclipse as it takes place, you will feel the effects of it in your life in one way or another energetically.June 26th (Full Moon in Capricorn, Sun in Cancer) Partial Lunar Eclipse map of Earth showing the regions of eclipse visibility: July 11th (New Moon & Sun in Cancer) Total Solar Eclipse Path on Google Maps: December 21st (Full Moon in Cancer, Winter Solstice) Total Lunar Eclipse on the day the Sun enters Capricorn map of Earth showing the regions of eclipse visibility: