Client Testimony

With all my heart, I thank you for ferrying me across the threshold.  I have been at the door for a while.  Thank All that I was ready to accept the invitation of conscious companionship with my ancestors and lineage. I am truly grateful that you were the one to safely and respectfully facilitate the process.  I am also in awe of the integrating power of Shamanic Reiki.  Bright blessings to you, dear Julie. ~ Susan

Sanctuary Much

  • Coyote Wisdom

    The other night I went out to the desert to witness the beauty of the perseid meteor showers. As the silver moon rose above the ridge, coyotes began to howl in the distance. Then, as if it was contagious, other canines in the surrounding areas also began to howl. This howling moved like a wave across the land and back again, slowly encircling us with the soulful cries of the coyotes, shifting the tone of the entire valley.

    And it all began with just one howl.