Client Testimony

I have battled depression for years.  When I look back on my life now I honestly feel like a completely different person from the person I know I was.  Reiki has helped me change for the better. ~ Faith S., Los Angeles, CA

Sanctuary Much

  • Be The Mirror

    Spirit is guiding me to be more vocal and expressive with my own personal spiritual practice and healing process. I am being shown that others need to understand that it’s healthy for us to express our feelings and through feeling comes healing.

  • Coyote Wisdom

    The other night I went out to the desert to witness the beauty of the perseid meteor showers. As the silver moon rose above the ridge, coyotes began to howl in the distance. Then, as if it was contagious, other canines in the surrounding areas also began to howl. This howling moved like a wave across the land and back again, slowly encircling us with the soulful cries of the coyotes, shifting the tone of the entire valley.

    And it all began with just one howl.

  • Finding True North: Trusting Your Inner Compass

    As we know, there is a great Awakening taking place within humanity at this time...

    Shamans say this Awakening is the result of prophecies foretold by our Ancestors long ago and is connected to the evolution of our planet. Our Sacred Ancestors, who once lived in harmony with nature, are aligned with the heartbeat of mother earth, the stars and the planets. If we practice stillness, we may feel our Ancestors ‘dancing' in our blood. They dance in sacred rhythm with creation itself, waking us up so we may discover our own True North, our purpose for being here now.

  • Online Classes

    The Body Temple:

    Chakra Healing Journey


    9 week series begins this Fall!

    Featuring downloadable video content, plus audio downloads of music & shamanic journeys in mp3 format and a PDF downloadable workbook to deepen the class experience.

    Learn how to heal from the comfort of your your own home, in your own time.


    In the human body, there are 7 major energy centers, which are called Chakras. When the energy centers are open and functioning at a healthy vibration an individual experiences ideal health and growth, opening to intuitive and spiritual gifts.

    When a Chakra is imbalanced, the organs in that area become affected and over time create disharmony within the body temple, manifesting as emotional, mental, spiritual, and even physical imbalances such as dis-ease.  Having a balanced Chakra System is imperative for ideal health and wellness.

    As we heal the body's energy system, we become the Tree of Life, the pillar of light between heaven and earth.  The body is the Temple through which all things are made manifest in our personal Universe.  As we learn to open and harmonize the energies flowing through each of the chakras, moving from root to crown, we heal, restore, and RAISE OUR VIBRATION.  Each Chakra we work with is a stepping-stone of Ascension on our healing and spiritual paths.

    In this series, attendees will balance the Chakras with a variety of techniques, including, but not limited to:

    Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Mantras, Sanskrit Chants, Vocal Toning, Yoga Poses, Plant Medicine, and Meditation Techniques. 

    Root Chakra: All is One

    A healthy Root Chakra not only provides a stable foundation for our spiritual growth and learning, it is also a key factor in facilitating the release of toxic energies from the body temple. Balancing the Root Chakra can help one understand why we chose to incarnate into a particular bloodline and can connect us more deeply to the wisdom of our Ancestors, who are our closest spiritual 'kin'. 

    We are carrying the energetic history and karma of our Ancestors within our DNA. Some individuals find themselves plagued with unresolved issues from their own Ancestral bloodline, manifesting in a variety of imbalances, including dis-ease.  The Ancestral memory and wisdom trapped in our unconscious is waiting to be awakened and resolved at this time as we co-create the new paradigm together.

     By opening the Root Chakra, one begins to understand why they chose to incarnate as a human here on Earth at this pivotal time in history. When the Root Chakra is open, we connect to a deeper level of Gaia Consciousness and the Sacred Truth that All is One.

    Sacral Chakra: Unlocking Creative Potential

    Dissolve into the realm of creative potential as we explore the creative power of the Sacral Chakra, the energy center I like to refer to as the inner 'cauldron of creation'.  The Sacral Chakra is incredibly important to keep balanced, as it plays a powerful role in our physical health and wellbeing.

    Balancing the Sacral Chakra helps us create healthy emotional boundaries in relationships and cultivates a healthy sex life. As we learn how to heal our emotional body, we are able to forge balanced partnerships.  

    A healthy Sacral Chakra assists us in taking chances in life and provides powerful insights into what motivates our choices, so we may Consciously Co-Create the life of our dreams.

    Solar Plexus: Shine, Radiant Being!

    Connect to your inner 'sun' center and shine like the radiant being you are!  Ignite your inner fire for personal transformation at the very core of your being and share your light with the world.

    Personal fortitude and self-esteem are just two of the gifts associated with a healthy Solar Plexus Chakra.  These qualities are imperative if we are to successfully break free of the 'soul cage' and banish unhealthy patterns and habits in life.  If we don't like ourselves very much, it's difficult to make healthy choices.

    Believing in oneself is a major factor to achieving the success we desire.  In magical traditions, it has been said the power of one's magic is directly proportionate to the strength of one's will, which is governed by the Solar Plexus Chakra.

    In this class, you will learn how to nourish your Self in loving ways to build self-esteem and a healthy ego, strengthening and restoring balance to your core.  Learn how to call back energy that has been syphoned from you over lifetime(s) and walk fully in your own power.

    Heart Chakra: Opening to Love

    Of the seven major chakras in the body's system, the Hearth Chakra is the balancing point.  The Heart Chakra is a crossroads within the Self where Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies meet in Love, dancing in Harmony with each other.

    Opening the Heart Chakra facilitates the process of individuals uniting together and consciously meeting in a place of unconditional Love and Compassion, a place of balance and mutual respect. Whether we are seeking deeper relationships of the heart or are developing spiritual relationships with our Spirit Guides and Ancestors, the place we meet to cultivate the ideal is in Perfect Love and Trust, which begins in the Heart Chakra.

    Living compassionately is having the ability to love unconditionally without judgment and is a powerful lesson of the Heart Chakra.  If our heart is divided by judgment, our perceptions in life will continue to be distorted by illusion.  By opening the Heart Chakra, we are able to balance and unify opposing forces through the healing power of Love.

    Throat Chakra: Speaking Your Truth

    The Throat Chakra is our center for self-expression and communication.  The wisdom of this chakra teaches us about the power behind the words we use as well as who (or what) we choose to listen to.Our voice carries sound vibrations and frequencies out from the body into the physical world. When we change our words, we adjust the ‘signal’ we are sending out, transforming what we attract, and ultimately, what we are able to co-create.

    The throat chakra is one of the most active energy centers in the body. As we co-create the new paradigm together, it is important to realize that every single choice we make changes the future.  Whether we are speaking our truth or expressing our creativity, the Throat Chakra is the energy center we use to vocalize our personal authority and power of choice to the world around us.  

    Attendees will be shown a variety of techniques to balance the throat chakra and develop Clairaudience, also known as psychic hearing. In this class, you will learn how to discern from the voice of your inner ‘trickster’ versus the voice of Deeper Truth. 

    There are no prerequisites for this class.  All seekers are welcome.

    Third Eye: Lifting the Veil of Illusion

    Alas, we arrive at our Psychic Center, where hidden vision is revealed!

    As Seekers of deeper wisdom, we are on a quest for Truth.  This requires a lifting of the ‘veils of illusion’, which includes a willingness to shift our perspective and see the world differently.  The veils we wear distort our perceptions, preventing us from seeing things as they truly are. 

    Sometimes the veils we wear are self-created & self-imposed while other veils are reinforced by external forces. Layer upon layer, the veils of illusion become reinforced as they play upon each other.  They confuse, distort, distract, separate, and disempower humanity.  To open the 3rd eye one must choose to seek only truth.

    In this class, attendees will learn how open the 3rd eye chakra will be given tips and techniques to enhance Clairvoyance, also known as psychic sight or ‘clear seeing’.  There are no prerequisites for this class.  All Seekers are welcome.

    Crown Chakra: Gateway to the Infinite

    We are but a single drop in an infinite ocean of consciousness that is the whole of the Universe.  The Crown Chakra is the access point, the gateway through which we dissolve into this sea of oneness and experience at-one-ment.  It is in these moments of sacred union that we experience a state spiritual bliss and divine consciousness, known as Samadhi.

    Unity is being called for at this time as we co-create the new paradigm and manifest an ideal world for All beings.  We are spiritual brothers and sisters being guided to break free of the proverbial ‘soul cage’, expand our consciousness, connect to the deeper wisdom of our guides and ancestors, and become one with the Infinite All. 

    In this final chapter of our chakra series, attendees practice a variety of techniques to open and balance the Crown Chakra, the gateway to spiritual enlightenment.  No previous experience is necessary to attend this workshop.  All Seekers are Welcome. 







  • The Hollow Oak

    Yesterday, I went to go on a hike but when I arrived, there was no parking in my usual place. I decided to enter the park from a different location I had never been to before, following intuitive guidance. I found the trail head easily, parked my car and walked down the incline.

    As I walked, a glorious oak tree caught my eye off to the right.

  • The Masked Self

    We incarnated from formlessness into form to teach us about separation and limitation.

  • TraceyP

    Since Shamanic Reiki 1st Degree, I now value life in all forms. I no longer feel paranoia about my health.  I feel happier and more at ease with myself and would even say that I am beginning to love myself. Life doesn’t seem quite so scary and fears are starting to leave me.  I can control my own emotions more and trust in Reiki to help guide me when I am struggling. I feel more compassion toward others and have a balanced view on life.  Life is good through Reiki eyes! ~ Tracey P.

  • Walking the Labyrinth

    I was invited by Xia to participate as a guest priestess at Temple of the Goddess’ Imbolc ritual on Feb 1st. A time for new beginnings and initiations, Imbolc also marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. During the ritual, I sang in spirit tongue, opening up the gateways to the Four Directions and blessed the space as attendees prepared to walk a labyrinth.