Client Testimony

Julie's Candle Magick class was very informative and well organized. Julie has a wealth of knowledge and was able to communicate in terms that were easily understandable to those like me who have no prior experience. I had a great time and learned so much! ~ Debbie M., Reseda, CA

Sanctuary Much

  • Finding True North: Trusting Your Inner Compass

    As we know, there is a great Awakening taking place within humanity at this time...

    Shamans say this Awakening is the result of prophecies foretold by our Ancestors long ago and is connected to the evolution of our planet. Our Sacred Ancestors, who once lived in harmony with nature, are aligned with the heartbeat of mother earth, the stars and the planets. If we practice stillness, we may feel our Ancestors ‘dancing' in our blood. They dance in sacred rhythm with creation itself, waking us up so we may discover our own True North, our purpose for being here now.