Haunted Places & Spirit Photography

Haunted Places & Spirit Photography

I recently had the privilege of taking a spiritual pilgrimage with an amazing group of seers through the UK to Wales, Cornwall, and Glastonbury. On our journey, we explored many medieval churches and graveyards as well as stone circles, holy wells and castles. In a number of photos, strange light anomalies were found. Are these mere light refractions or evidence of spiritual energies in these ancient places? You decide….

faery garden, fairies, spirit photography
Inside a secret Faery Garden in Wales…
faery, fairy, fairy garden, spirit
Did I capture a photo of a fairy?

fairy lights, faery, spirit photography

medieval cemetery in Wales, haunted, ghosts

medieval cemetery, spirit photography, ghosts, Wales
An enchanting cemetery next to a medieval church at Nevern, Wales

medieval cemetery, spirit photography, ghosts

strange light anomaly in medieval graveyard

Pentre Ifan dolmen, Wales
Pentre Ifan dolmen in Wales
11th C medieval grave
An 11th c medieval graveyard and an interesting light anomaly that could reveal a spirit presence…
Kidwelly Castle, Wales. Entrance to dungeon. Ghosts, supernatural
A chamber next to the dungeon at Kidwelly Castle in Wales. There is something going on in the doorway that leads to the dungeon…
spirit in doorway to dungeon in welsh castle
Chamber adjacent to dungeon at Kidwelly Castle. Do you see a woman in the doorway?
haunted cliffs at lands end. faces in stones
I had past life memories rise to the surface within me here at Land’s End. Powerful place. Check out the faces in the ancient stone sentinels…

stone sentinels watching over the waters

interesting mist at land's end

sancreed well
Sancreed Well, a holy place. I sang inside this well and felt so much love rising up from the depths of the earth to greet me…
merlin's cave, tintagel, cornwall, spirit photography
Merlin’s Cave and a strange blue-green mist…..
I felt something behind me and took this picture. Do you see the faces in the foliage? Spirit photography
I felt something behind me, so I snapped this selfie. Do you see a face in the tree?
chalice well spirit in well
A peek into the depths of Chalice Well… I feel a strong feminine presence here.
ancient yew tree, faces in bark
An ancient Yew Tree at the Chalice Well sanctuary. Do you see the faces in the bark?
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