A Journey Over Time & Tide

A Journey Over Time & Tide

The Ancient Ones Rise Again

In 1967, my future-grandmother was summoned to take a journey to the ancient city of Monte Alban. This holy city is the second largest ceremonial site in Mesoamerica. She was married to a university professor at the time. Through his connections, they were granted access to the large pre-Columbian archaeological site found in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Here, she unearthed seven small artifacts. These sculptures made from earthen clay were formed into the likeness of 7 distinctly different faces. These items were most likely used in ritual and represent faces of the ancestral dead, according to an archaeology professor I spoke with a few years ago.

Over time and tide, these wise teachers patiently awaited discovery, hidden beneath the soil. They remained untouched until one cycle was ending and another was about to begin. As the dawn of a new age approached, grandmother was summoned to the precise location where these treasures awaited and she unearthed my magic…

zapotec, monte alban, mesoamerica, mexico, archaeology, aliens, cloud peopleFounded in 500 B.C., Monte Alban was a Zapotec socio-political and economic center which thrived for close to 1,300 years. According to the popular tv show Ancient Aliens, this city was an ancient ‘airport’ for extraterrestrial visitors. Home to 25,000 people, it was the center of power for the Zapotec nation until approximately 750 AD, when the Zapotec people suddenly abandoned the holy city for reasons unknown.

Monte Alban has an elevation of 6,400 ft. It is surrounded by sky from nearly all vantage points, as it sits atop a leveled mountain ridge. The name of the city means ‘white mountain’. Danibaan is its native Zapotec name, which means ‘sacred mountain’ or ‘sacred hill.’ The Mixtec name for the city is Sahandevui and translates to ‘at the foot of the sky’ or ‘at the foot of heaven’.

The living memory and substance of the Earth was formed with great care into the faces of our ancient ancestors. Through art and ritual, consciousness fused with form and the sacred objects became ensouled. Hidden beneath a blanket of earth, these clay beings ‘slept’ for over a thousand years.

The Zapotec people are believed to have had a co-creative relationship with the spirits of the land. Legends tell stories of how the ancient ancestors of the Zapotec people emerged from caves. The common people among the Zapotecs believed they had been born from nature itself, directly from rocks, trees, and jaguars.

Jaguar was my grandmother’s power animal..

The first time I held these objects in my hand, I heard the phrase “cloud people” and immediately got a headache. Clearly, the energy these items embodied was far too powerful for me to work with. It took a full year to attune myself to them.

Upon further research, I discovered the Zapotec’s governing elite believed they descended from supernatural beings that lived among the clouds. Upon death they would journey back to such status. The Zapotecs of the central valleys call themselves “Be’ena’ Za’a” – The Cloud People.

zapotec, mixtec, oaxaca, monte alban, mexico, spirit, ancestorsIndividually, each visage embodies a consciousness and voice of its own, but I have quickly discovered the seven artifacts prefer to ‘speak’ to me as one unified voice. Collectively, their energy appears in my mind’s eye as violet. They have an increased power through their unity and close proximity to each other.

I know I will be doing oracular work with them in the future.

A few months ago on the Capricorn Full Moon, I meditated with the artifacts in my hands and had a major revelation. I realized over a millennia ago, I sculpted these very pieces. I was a priestess at Monte Alban.

On the back of the sculpted pieces, you can make out indentations made by my small past life fingers. What a strange concept! As I gazed upon the seven faces, I realized that these visages were in the likeness of my own ancestors from that incarnation.

Tears streamed down my face with each memory that rose up to the surface of my conscious mind. Another revelation hit me – I SUMMONED these objects to return to me in this lifetime. These items returned to their ‘maker’ to help unlock something deep within me.

It’s happening!

Science is catching up to what the ancients always have known. Our “reality” as we know it is being dismantled, reframed, and rebuilt as we create a new relationship with Life. We are learning how to live as master creators here on earth.

The beautifully frightening chaos of these changing times surrounds us while the magical child slumbers within. Anchoring in my truth, I feel the solid ground beneath my feet. I center and align within my Infinite Self.

Lighting a candle for today’s spiritual journey, I intone the sacred words three times:

“I am here, I am ready, I remember.”

And down the rabbit hole I go…..

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