The Sacred Madrona Well is Dry!

The Sacred Madrona Well is Dry!

I recently journeyed to the UK and visited many holy places, stone circles, and sacred wells. One sanctuary in particular was the Madrona Well, which is where my Faery Seership teacher Orion Foxwood had previously received powerful visions informing him about the Dreamer in the Land, the magical child of promise (aka the Christos Child), which is within each of us.

madron well
The Madron Well. You can see offerings of flowers and other items where water used to flow…

Upon our arrival, we discovered that the well has gone dry. The sacred waters have receded into deeper places beneath the surface of the earth. Witnessing this impacted us greatly and our beloved group of seers did some keening to help produce tears and moisture, which we shared with Madrona to remind the spirit of place of the pure waters that once flowed there.

Wherever our thoughts go, energy flows. Western culture has been consumed by masculine energies for far too long. We’ve been too active, too fiery, too aggressive. Many are experiencing health issues and burnout as a result. Our excessive focus on the masculine has caused the healing feminine waters to recede into deeper places – both within our bodies and within the body of the land itself. It is time for us to honor and bring reverence to our feminine healing qualities, so we may restore balance, within and without.

The equinox marks a threshold we consciously step across and we are being called to make a choice – what will you carry forward with you on your journey and what will you leave behind?

As we journey into the fall season, we move into the dark time of year, ruled by the Goddess. With California’s severe drought, Limekiln creek drying up and the holy well waters receding into the earth, we are being called to heal the Sacred Feminine within us, call to the rains, and restore balance within and without.

Please join us as we do our Sacred Work on Saturday the 24th at 11am. In addition to a group meditation and reiki healing attunements, we will be chanting and singing to raise energy. So bring your holy voice, rattles, drums, and shakers. If you are a dancer, I invite you to join the dance of Life to help the waters flow here once again. Let us unite to honor and restore our Earth Mother and all Life upon this wondrous planet.

Thank you & Blessed Be.

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