Reiki First Degree Certification

Reiki First Degree Certification

Reiki First Degree introduces seekers to the world of energy as students begin to understand their healing role within the larger matrix of Life and the conscious Universe.


A Sacred Attunement Ceremony aligns students to the healing frequency of Reiki and connects them to a lineage of Masters tracing back to the original Grandmaster of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui. Once attuned, students are able to access Reiki at will for the purposes of healing, learning, and growth.


At Reiki First Degree, students:


  • Receive a Certificate for completion of Reiki First Degree (following 30 days of self-healing)
  • Receive a First Degree Reiki Training Manual written by Julie S. Roberts (to be read prior to class)
  • Participate in a Sacred Attunement Ceremony, aligning students to the frequency of Reiki Energy.
  • Meet their Reiki Spirit Guide
  • Learn the History of Reiki
  • Learn Centering, Balancing, & Grounding Techniques
  • Practice Moving Meditations & Breath Work
  • Develop a self-healing meditation practice
  • Learn Self-healing hand positions
  • Learn hand positions to heal others
  • Scan the body’s energy field to find energy blockages
  • Balance the Chakra System
  • Make Holy Water


Julie enjoys meeting with students prior to their Reiki training. Here, students can get a sense of their Reiki Sensei and vice versa. Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions and receive a copy of the Reiki Training Manuals needed for class, written by Julie.


Please contact Julie directly for additional questions, pricing, and to set up a time to meet.


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