Reiki Second Degree Certification

Reiki Second Degree Certification

Reiki Second Degree is available to individuals who have completed Reiki First Degree and have performed a minimum of 30 days of self-healing work. At Reiki Second Degree, students connect more deeply to the rhythmic cycles of the Universe, the seasons, moon, and the four directions as they unfold to their own infinite and eternal nature.


Students are activated during the Second Degree Attunement to consciously work with three new Reiki symbols. These symbols are powerful keys which allow the practitioner to send healing at a distance, crossing over the perceived boundaries of time and space.


Students are empowered with the ability to send healing energy to each year in their life, releasing attachments and restoring a healthy balance within. Shamanic philosophies regarding Soul Fragmentation are discussed and students are given practicable techniques for calling back lost power.


At Reiki Second Degree, students:


  • Receive a 2nd Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual, written by Julie Roberts (to be read prior to class)
  • Participate in a Sacred Attunement Ceremony to align students to the frequency of Reiki at Second Degree, enabling them to consciously work with Reiki symbols.
  • Receive Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate (after the completion of  self-healing ‘homework’)
  • Learn traditional Reiki symbols
  • Practice Cord Cutting & Releasing Unwanted Attachments
  • Learn about Soul Fragmentation
  • Practice Soul Retrieval with the Reiki Symbols
  • Work with the 4 Directions & the Elements
  • Work with the Seasons & Cycles of the Sun
  • Learn to bless a room with Reiki Symbols
  • Send Reiki over time and space
  • Perform distance healings on others using a photo or a surrogate


Julie enjoys meeting with new students prior to their Reiki training. Here, students can get a sense of their Reiki Sensei and vice versa. Students will also have an opportunity to ask questions and receive a copy of the Reiki Training Manuals needed for class, written by Julie.


Please contact Julie directly with questions, pricing, and to set up a time to meet.

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