Reiki Third Degree Certification

Reiki Third Degree Certification

Reiki Third Degree training takes place over the course of two full days and is available to students who have successfully completed First and Second Degree.


In Reiki Third Degree, students are provided powerful tools to move more deeply into their personal healing practice as they seek to make the unconscious conscious, becoming whole. At this level of empowerment one’s integrity and responsibility for all actions is of utmost importance as the outer world is a reflection of the inner unconscious realms.


Here, students place themselves back upon the altar of creation with a retelling of their personal story. A negative self-image transforms by choosing a new perspective. Every choice we make has the potential to change the future as we co-create the new paradigm together.


At Reiki Third Degree, students:


  • Receive a 3rd Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual, written by Julie Roberts
  • Receive certificate of completion for Reiki Third Degree (Advanced Practitioner) following completion of Reiki ‘homework’
  • Receive a Reiki Attunement to become aligned with frequency of Reiki Third Degree
  • Become empowered to work with the Master Symbol
  • Learn additional shamanic Reiki healing symbols
  • Bless & clear space utilizing Reiki Energy & the Master Symbol
  • Practice Kotodama chants
  • Perform Psychic Surgery
  • Remove energetic intrusions
  • Work with healing stones & crystals
  • Build energy healing grids
  • Work with rattles & other shamanic healing tools


Many students who have trained with other Masters through Reiki Second Degree choose to complete their training through Master Teacher Degree with Julie. If this applies to you, please reach out to Julie prior to training for pricing and class-related materials, as there is an in-depth training manual that needs to be read prior to class. Thank you.

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