Sacred Travel: Pilgrimage to Albion

Sacred Travel: Pilgrimage to Albion

I went to the local creek on Sunday with a dear friend and shared stories about my recent spiritual pilgrimage through Wales, Cornwall, and Glastonbury. I told her about my magical experiences with the sovereign landscape and of my deep and abiding love for the sacred wells and clootie trees.

As I spoke aloud of my spiritual adventures, I became very aware of nature spirits drawing in closer around us. It seemed they were curious about my tales, as it has been a long time since humans have spoken with such reverence about the soil and stones.

A breeze began to stir and I sensed wind dragons encircling us above, causing the leaves on the trees to dance and move in an enchanting way. It was scorching 103 degrees out on this day and the gentle wind was greatly appreciated!

As I told my friend of our rituals in ancient stone chambers and toning sessions, I could feel a distinct vibration rising from beneath and below. In that moment, my soul was called to sing a song in reverence to our Earth Mother.

Sacred sound vibrated through my entire being and I felt a rainbow bridge form between the stones we sat upon connecting us to the lands of Albion, the ancient name for the island of Great Britain. This bridge of colored light and sacred sound stirred our soul memory in a beauty way which brought us both to tears.

I felt as if the work I did with our group in Albion was carried forward over time and space and became anchored in this sacred place where I have been doing spiritual work for the past 7 years. I experienced a profound sense of new beginnings.

As I sat on the hillside in Wales behind Careg Cennen castle, powerful tears shook me when I realized just how deeply the spiritual energies of the landscape where I live have receded into the earth. Without a doubt, this is due to humanity’s lack of respect for the land and the constant raping of the earth for her natural resources.

Together, my friend and I sang three Awens and I cried powerful tears once again. This time, I sensed a return, a re-awakening or rising up of these deep spiritual forces which had been hidden away for so long. Big magic is happening now. I see it in the Native American communities as we unite in solidarity to protect the waters.

I have been praying for rain and it has drizzled twice since I have returned. In our healing circle on Saturday, I will lead our group in song to call the rains and help the sacred waters flow again, restore balance to this parched landscape and to nourish our thirsty souls. I hope you can join us.

May we all remember.
Sum Solis Matronae.
Blessed Be.

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