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Client Testimony

Thank you Julie for the wonderful work you did with clearing our rental house. We finally rented the house four days after you performed the paranormal investigation and clearing of the house. We have gone back a few times to check on the new renters and they are thrilled with the house.  When we first bought the house I felt there was something not right but I thought with a little TLC the house would be perfect for renters.  Well, the first painter that came in for a week was experiencing noises in the house and as the week progressed all the doors where slamming shut.  Towards the end of the week he heard a voice tell him to "burn the house" and at that point he packed up and left without finishing his work.  The second worker, not related to the first worker, heard foot steps and whistling in the house while he was working alone. He brought a helper with him on the second day and he also heard the same noises. It took us 8 months to rent out the house the first time, and the tenants lasted 5 months and moved out of the house giving us no notice. This second time we had the house sitting there for 3 months with many people interested at first and then backing out at the last minute or practically disappearing on us. I am so glad I mentioned it to you and asked you to look into it.  Julie, the house now feels brighter and warmer.  I would have never guessed that we had 6 lost souls in that house.  Thank you for helping those lost souls go to the light and freeing them of being bounded in my house. You are truly amazing!  Thank you also for sharing with me the recordings of the entities.  The noises that where captured by you and your crew in your investigation work was amazing!  Sending many blessings to you... ~ Liz K, Palmdale, CA.

Inspired by the Goddess, created just for you. 

This page showcases beautiful healing and spiritual jewelry that has been handcrafted with semi precious stones by Shamanic High Priestess and Reiki Master Teacher, Julie Roberts.  Each piece of jewelry that Julie creates is a one-of-a-kind original piece of art you can wear, custom designed to assist you in manifesting your heart's desire.  The 'magic' of each piece is not just in the individual stones and their energetic properties, but from the combination of the different stones as they work together, creating an alchemical shift within the wearer they can feel.  The combined gemstones work together to tell a 'story' that facilitates a deep healing process within the wearer.  Each piece is then blessed and charged with powerful Reiki energy in a Sacred way to further amplify the healing effects of the stones. 

Do you wish to improve your own health and vitality?  Do you wish to attract positive energy into your life?  Do you seek balance?  Success?  Love?  Peace?  Perhaps you wish to be more courageous or would like to wear something that makes your inner child feel safe and protected by the angels.  Anything is possible and Julie is willing to work with your budgeting needs.    Contact Julie directly to have your own shamanic jewelry piece designed especially for you or someone you love today!

Call 818-429-9663 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

*SOLD* Kwan Yin Goddess 16" Necklace - $100
Kwan Yin was a healer and vowed to return to the earth until every human being was healed.  After her human life, she became one of the Ascended Masters and is now revered as the Goddess of love and compassion in many traditions.  Her visage is carved into deep green jade, which is a healing stone and green is good for the heart chakra, our love center.  Also on the necklace is seraphinite from Russia which is another grounding and healing stone.  “Feathery” inclusions within the seraphinite invoke the healing energy of the angelic realms.  Peach moonstone helps balance the emotional body and bring in the love of the Goddess Herself through this powerful stone.  Together, the stones work to bring the Healing, Love and Compassion of the Goddess Kwan Yin into our physical body and grounding it into earth energy, manifesting as physical healing, emotional balance and peace.

*SOLD* Honoring the Ancestors Crystal Skull Necklace 16" - ONLY $65!!!!!
The symbol of the skull is regarded as very powerful in all of the ancient traditions.  The skull is said to house our very soul and is the reason why people cover their head (crown) in so many spiritual traditions, to keep the soul pure and protected from unwanted influences.  The skull is also the symbol for our Sacred Ancestors.  When a crystal is carved into the shape of a skull it is said to be very powerful and can connect one to the energy of our Ancestors and the Ascended Master Humans.  The crystal skull, when worn on a necklace opens the gateways to the spiritual realms and facilitates interaction between the wearer and the Widsom of the Ancients.  Whether you would like to connect for personal empowerment, healing, protection, enhancing psychic ability or to gain clarity on different aspects of your life, the intention is different for everyone.  A variety of skull necklaces are available and each piece has been made with different stones for different intentions.  Come and choose the piece that resonates the most with you and what you would like to invoke at this time in your life.

*SOLD* 24" Kwan Yin Healing, Love and Compassion Prayer Necklace - $150
Kwan Yin was a healer and vowed to return to the earth until every human being was healed.  After her human life, she became one of the Ascended Masters and is now revered as the Goddess of love and compassion in many traditions.  Zoisite with ruby combined with pink rose quartz bring the gentle and soothing yet powerful energies of Love directly into your heart's center as you wear this piece.  Heal your heart with the power of Kwan Yin and emanate the qualities of love and compassion.  Each bead on this long and luxurious necklace may also be used as markers to count your blessings, to recite prayers or mantras so that you may radiate that loving energy and Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Namaste.

Pendulums for healing or divination - $25 - $40
Pendulums are wonderful tools that have been used since the dawn of time for a variety of purposes.  Many use pendulums to help find lost items or find clarity on the many questions we have in life.  You can also use pendulums for healing, to check the chakras in the body to see which are open and which are closed and to find energy blockages throughout the body system.  Many individuals use pendulums to facilitate communication with the Higher Realms and to speak with their own Spirit Guides.  A variety of similar styles are available. Come on by and see which pendulum resonates with you!

24" Guardian Angel Love & Protection Necklace - SOLD - $200

Lord Ganesha Mulitistrand Grounding and Protection Bracelet - SOLD - $185

36" Antique Buddha Rosary Style Prayer Necklace for Abundance - SOLD - $200

Woven Heart Multi Gemstone Pendant - SOLD - $185

Antique Buddha Pendant 2 Strand Bracelet - SOLD - $55

Call 818-429-9663 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.