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Client Testimony

The Reiki Circle was magical, exciting and turly healing to the soul!!! I left the circle about 2 hours ago and I can still feel the Reiki energy flowing through me... aahhh so relaxing! ~ Liz K., Palmdale, CA

Shamanic Reiki Certification

Heal the Self. Heal Others. Heal the Planet. 

Classes taught every month!

Please click here for more information.


The Body Temple: Healing Your Body's Energy System 


Learn how to self-heal in the comfort of your own home, in your own time.

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Healing with Trees & the 13 Cycles of Power - $50

When: Saturday January 24th @ 4pm

Where: Aliso Canyon Park in Granada Hills (or Sanctuary Much, weather depending)

Nature is the living expression of unconditional Love. The apple tree does not bear fruit because it deems you acceptable. It provides us with its many gifts because it is in its nature to do so. When we spend time in nature, we immerse our entire Being in its pure energy and in this sacred space, we find healing.

I invite you to join us for this very special workshop, where we will commune with the faeries and heal with the trees! Learn about the 13 trees sacred to the druids and how to work with their spiritual conscious energy for the purposes of healing and growth. No experience is necessary to attend this workshop. Come one, come all! To reserve your space, please click here

Here are what some students are saying about this class:

"I really felt like I connected with the tree spirits during this class on a deeper level than I've ever experienced. Julie provides lots of practical techniques and info and I am excited to put these to practice in furthering my relationship with nature. Thank you, Julie. Your classes rock!" ~ L. C.

"As always, Julie's class was filled with information, humor, and a deep connection to the beauty and power of nature." ~ A. P. 

Wiccan Ritual Construction 

4 Class Series - $180

When: Class #1 is 2/21/15 @ 4pm; Class #2 is 2/28/15 @ 4pm; Class #3 is 3/7/15 @ 4pm; Class #4 is 3/14/15 @ 4pm

Where: Sanctuary Much in Granada Hills

Learn and understand the form and structure for spiritual practices, the how's and why's of constructing an altar, and creating sacred space. The ideal exercise in working with magical timing, this series culminates with a group ritual to welcome the season of Spring! Click here to reserve your space.

Here are what students are saying about this class:

"Wonderfully magickal! Julie is an amazing teacher who is very knowledgable and shares her gifts and talents with love and openness to make the world a beautiful place. Thank you, Julie!" ~ J. Millan

"I was so elated to take this set of classes and I am so glad to say that the courses have exceeded my expectations! I am just getting started on the magical aspects of this path and I am glad to be learning the right techniques in the right way, in Love and Light! Much more than techniques and jewels of wisdom is shared in these classes, but also the loving environment that has enabled me to gain more confidence, love myself more, and a better understanding of the Goddess within. Wonderful!" ~ L. Christle

"Well, the last class went out with a BANG! Totally powerful! So grateful to have been a part of an official ritual. The class was very informational and helpful to my growing development." ~ S. Challacombe

"The ideal cap to four weeks of learning the steps to magical ritual, this night bonded the students 'in perfect love and in perfect trust' in a glorious Summer Solstice rite." ~ A. Pearce

As Above, So Below: Working With The Planets to Enhance Your Life

4 class series - $180

Class Dates: Class #1 is 3/28/15 @ 4pm; Class #2 is 4/4/15 @ 4pm; Class #3 is 4/11/15 @ 4pm; Class #4 is 4/18/15 @ 4pm

Where: Sanctuary Much in Granada Hills

The Earth is what we know, but the stars are our birthplace. In this series on planetary magic, we will explore not only the earth, but the 7 principal planets - that gave us the days of the week - as well as the the stars and planets beyond, and how to harness their energies to enhance our lives. Click here to reserve your space.

Here are what students are saying about this class series:

"Yet another well crafted, deeply informative class series by Julie. Now I have more amazing healing and magical 'tools' in my toolbox! Thank you!" ~ J. M.

CommUNITY Healing Circles

*Suggested Donation $5 (though no one will be turned away for lack of funds)*

PLEASE RSVP so I have enough Reiki Masters on hand to attune everyone in attendance.

When: January 4th @ 5pm; February 7th at 11am; March 8th @ 11am

Where: January's FULL MOON healing circle will be at Sanctuary Much. Subsequent circles will be held at Bee Canyon Park in Granada Hills, CA 

Julie Roberts and other Reiki Masters share their healing gifts with others each month as a way of being in Service to the greater good of All through Reiki. Reiki Circles are an opportunity for individuals to gather in Sacred Space as part of a healing commUNITY and send powerful healing energy to the Self, Friends & Family, the Planet, and everything upon it. Reiki Circle events allow participants to experience healing, removal of creative & emotional blocks, find inspiration, clarity, and deepen their spiritual connection to Source. Through commUNITY, we make this world a better place for All. Come, share in the energy with us!



Students, Practitioners, and Masters of Reiki share their healing gifts with the elders at Motion Picture and Television Fund's Senior Living Facility. 

If you are attuned to Reiki and would like to volunteer administering Reiki to elders in need, we would be honored to have you share in the energy with us! We will be meeting at noon to set up our tables and create a healing space, with the Reiki sessions lasting until 3pm.

Please note that this is a large campus with many buildings and it is easy to get lost. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up here and an email will be sent to the group with a MAP of the grounds with information on we will be meeting and the best parking spots so you don't have to transport your Reiki table too far. ;)

FOR MORE INFO AND TO RESERVE YOUR SPACE, CLICK HERE.  We need more Reiki tables! If you have one we can borrow or you can bring to the event, please contact Julie directly at 818-429-9663.