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Client Testimony

The Reiki Circles are a great way to take a hour to yourself, to be as one with ones self and to connect with earth's energy and seek balance. ~ Gil L., Chatsworth, CA

Each person has incarnated into being on Sacred Assignment.  If you find yourself drawn to explore the healing arts and the deeper mysteries, it is because you are listening to the calling of your very own soul to Remember.  You have done this work before and the cultivation of your gifts is needed to assist in the co-creation of a New Paradigm during these times of great change.

Shamanic Reiki is an integrative practice which aligns and attunes individuals to the frequency of Universal Conscious Life Force Energy for the purposes of healing, growth, and transformation.  Shamanic Reiki gently but powerfully facilitates the healing process, uniting and harmonizing every aspect of Self to cultivate wholeness, balance, and ideal health from within.  

Working directly with Source, the cardinal forces of creation, and the Sacred Rhythms & Cycles of the Universe, we heal & restore balance to Self as well as the world around us. Shamanic Reiki facilitates healing at the deepest levels, moving beyond the limitations of the physical world and into the spiritual as we work closely with our Ancestors, Spirit Teachers and other unseen allies, co-creating a New Paradigm and ideal world for All.  

Julie enjoys meeting with all students personally prior to class as choosing a Spiritual Teacher is as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself and vice versa.  Please contact Julie directly at 818-429-9663 to arrange a meeting time.


Lab Hours are included as part of the Shamanic Reiki Training Program and require no additional cost for Julie's students to utilize.


See UPCOMING EVENTS section on Home Page for exact dates.

Appointment times are 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm. Students, please contact Julie ahead of time to reserve your space.

  • Private tutelage for Reiki Shamans in training.
  • Work one-on-one with Julie for 60 minutes.
  • Practice techniques learned in Shamanic Reiki (all levels).
  • Bring a friend or loved one in need to help them with their healing.
  • Ask questions connected to your personal healing.
  • Receive guidance to help you sense subtle energies more deeply during healing sessions.
  • Advanced Students - incorporate additional techniques into your healing practice and get feedback!

Students, book your lab appointment AHEAD OF TIME to reserve your one-on-one 60 minute lab session.  Call/text 818-429-963 to reserve your space. 


When: Contact Julie at 818-429-9663
Where: Sanctuary Much (Granada Hills)

  • Shamanic Reiki at First Degree attunes and sensitizes students to begin working with Spiritual Conscious Life Force Energy for the purposes of healing, learning, and growth. Shamanic studies further connect students to the rhythmic forces of the planet and cardinal forces of creation itself. Through the Attunement Ceremony, students become connected to a lineage of Masters tracing back to the original Grandmaster of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui.  

    At First Degree, students:
  • Receive a First Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual written by Julie Roberts (to be read prior to class)
  • Participate in the Sacred Attunement Ceremony for First Degree
  • Meet your Shamanic Reiki Spirit Guide
  • History of Shamanism & Reiki
  • Balancing Sacred Masculine & Sacred Feminine Energies
  • Breathwork
  • Vocal Toning
  • Centering Techniques
  • Scan the body's energy field
  • Balance the body's chakra system
  • Develop a meditation practice
  • Learn Self-healing hand positions
  • Learn hand positions to heal others
  • Make holy water 
  • Receive a certificate for completion of Shamanic Reiki First Degree (following 30 days of self-healing)

Location of class is given to students after an in-person meeting with Julie to answer any questions about Reiki and to see if teacher and student are a good energetic match.  Contact Julie for more information at 818-429-9663. 


When:  As students are ready
Where: Sanctuary Much in Granada Hills

At 2nd Degree, Shamanic Reiki students connect more deeply to rhythmic cycles of the Universe, the seasons, the moon, and the elements.  Students are activated to work with Reiki energy through the utilization of three Reiki symbols.  These symbols are powerful keys which allow the practitioner to send healing at a distance, crossing over the boundaries of time and space. Students learn about Soul Fragmentation and practice techniques Soul Retrieval as they become empowered to send healing energy to every year in their life.  Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree is available to individuals who have completed 1st Degree and have practiced a minimum of 30 days of self-healing work.

At 2nd Degree, students will:

  • Receive a 2nd Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual, written by Julie Roberts
  • Participate in a Sacred Attunement Ceremony to Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree
  • Learn 3 Reiki symbols
  • Practice Cord Cutting
  • Learn about Soul Fragmentation
  • Practice Soul Retrieval with the Reiki Symbols
  • Work with the 4 Directions & the Elements
  • Work with the Seasons & Cycles of Earth
  • Learn to bless a room, call in the quarters and clear corners with Reiki Symbols
  • Send Reiki over time and space
  • Perform distance healings on others using a photo or a surrogate
  • Receive Shamanic Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate (after Reiki is sent back to all their years)


Where: Sanctuary Much

Shamanic Reiki Third Degree is taught over the course of two days and is available to individuals who have completed Shamanic Reiki 1st and 2nd Degree and have sent healing back to each year in their life. In Third Degree, students practice deeper spiritual work and explore the world of Shapeshifting.  Plant Spirit Medicine, working with crystals and the utilization of other healing tools is practiced in this two-day energy intensive workshop.  Learn techniques in Psychic Surgery and Shamanic Journeying and begin to awaken to the Ancestral wisdom connected to your bloodline, going back to times when humans wore animal skins.

At this level of empowerment one’s integrity and responsibility for all actions is of utmost importance as our inner worlds truly reflect our outer world and vice versa. If you have studied under another master previously and need help with sending reiki back over time and space, please reach out to Julie for guidance in this powerful healing process.

At 3rd Degree, students:

  • Receive a 3rd Degree Shamanic Reiki Manual, written by Julie Roberts 
  • Participate in Attunement Ceremony to 3rd Degree
  • Become empowered to work with the Master Symbol 
  • Learn other shamanic healing & magical Symbols
  • Bless & clear space utilizing Reiki Energy & the Master Symbol
  • Invoke Reiki energy with Kotodama chants
  • Perform psychic surgery
  • Remove energetic intrusions
  • Working with Crystals
  • Rattles & other Shamanic Healing tools
  • Plant Spirit Medicine
  • Shapeshifting
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Receive certificate for Shamanic Reiki 3rd Degree (Advanced Practitioner)

Contact Julie for more information at 818-429-9663.

SHAMANIC REIKI: Master Teacher Degree

Where: Sanctuary Much

Bringing Eden Here Now.

Master Degree is taught following Third Degree and is the final portion of Shamanic Reiki Training for those who wish to incorporate Shamanic Reiki fully into their lives, empowering others through the Sacred Attunement Ceremony. Master Degree is taught to those who have completed 3rd Degree, following a minimum of 3 months of regular practice on clients as well as regular participation in reiki circle and reiki share events.  

At this level, all the hesitation of action is removed and our thoughts truly match our actions as we live authentically, become fully open to Reiki energy and there is a sense of burning away of old behaviors, patterns and karma.  These final two days of teaching completely opens the student to transforming Reiki energy which positively affects all areas of their life and the people around them for their highest good.

In these final two full days of teaching, students:

  • Receive a Shamanic Reiki Master Manual, written by Julie Roberts
  • Participate in the sacred attunement ceremony, opening them fully to the power of Reiki energy at Master Degree.
  • Learn about the Symptoms of Energy shifts 
  • Learn the High Art of Teaching
  • Learn the Violet Breath 
  • Awaken to Ancestral Wisdom
  • Learn Furumoto's Attunement process
  • Learn William Rand's Attunement process
  • Learn Universal Reiki Master Attunement process
  • Learn Usui's Reiju Empowerments  
  • Release Spirit Attachments
  • Cross-over Discarnate Spirits
  • Receive certificate for Reiki Master Degree

    Following Master Degree, students are encouraged to incorporate Reiki into their lives by participating and assisting in performing Healing Attunements at the CommUNITY Healing Circles as well as participating in other community outreach programs to help others through find healing through powerful Reiki energy.  Students are asked to work with our healing community for 6 months following master degree as becoming a Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher is about being in Service to the Greater Good, helping others find healing and not merely about achieving the title of Master as a way to inflate ones ego.  Shamanic Reiki Master Degree is clearly not for everyone and Julie will only teach those who are truly ready to embrace mastery at every level within their lives.

Contact Julie for more information at 818-429-9663.