A Spiritual Perspective On Ego Shaming

A Spiritual Perspective On Ego Shaming

Ego shaming is prevalent in many spiritual communities….

Here are some of my thoughts on the subject:

I personally see the ego as a tool. From this perspective, I am able to recognize that there is a profound difference between a healthy ego and an unhealthy ego.

How can one find inner peace if they are trying to destroy, transcend or escape from something within? The need for judgement reveals inner conflict and the deep wound that exists within us all.

Some call this the illusion of isolation.

A person will always be in conflict if a part of them needs to vilify, hide, or shame another aspect of their being. Peace & healing is what occurs when we choose to move beyond conflict and into a state of Harmony.

A wounded ego creates conflict. A wounded ego feels threatened by others and cannot share ‘the spotlight’. A wounded ego needs to control and judge and learns ‘the hard way’ through conflict and opposition.

A wounded ego attracts opposition until it learns how to stop judging what it attracts.

A person with a healthy ego has the courage and willpower to step out and do what needs to be done in this world. A healthy ego has personal boundaries.

A healthy ego has the personal fortitude to put things out there in new ways and create things that have never existed in this world before – artwork, poetry, music, inventions, etc.

These are powerful times of change. We can’t afford to be tricked into passivity.

We were born to take action and create in this world. Each of us is a Creator, a deity in human form yearning to break free from the limitations a wounded ego creates.

A healthy ego has the ability to stand out on it’s own as well as co-create with others. We are spiritual beings that incarnated into human form to co-create the new paradigm together. This takes action and learning how to work together.

When we center and align our personal will (ego) to coexist in Harmony with the will of the whole (Humanity, Nature, Earth, Universe, Unified Field, ‘God’) the wounded ego begins to heal. At least, this is what I have discovered on my own Journey.

I am but a mirror to the soul as we Journey through this mortal coil. So if you see my ego here and there, thanks for noticing. I love you, too.

Blessed Be. )O(

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