The Goddess Awakens

The Goddess Awakens

As a young magical child, I often played among the redwood trees that grew on the hillside in the backyard. I made secret magical elixirs and ‘medicine’ from wildflowers and pine needles. I pretended I was a wild animal, crouching in the bushes unseen, silently watching all who passed by.


Different from other children my age, I spoke to the trees and the animals. I sang to the flowers to encourage them to open up and come into full bloom. Nature spirits told me secrets about people in the neighborhood, which got me into trouble on more than one occasion.


One warm afternoon while playing in the shade of the redwood trees, a beautiful Lady dressed in white appeared before me. She had long dark hair and bright eyes that shimmered like stars in the night sky.


This Lady told me that the goddess was sleeping and there was going to be a day when She would be waking up and the whole world was going to change. She told me that I was going to be a big part of the change and that this was going to be very important for humanity.


She also told me never to give up.


“Where is the goddess sleeping?” I asked.


“She’s inside the earth,” the Lady told me.


My child mind contemplated this as I regarded the hillsides and mountains in awe, wondering if the shape I was seeing was really the shape of the goddess as She slept on her side. I envisioned Her covered up by layers of dirt and trees over thousands of years while She slept. I wondered if earthquakes were caused by Her restlessness.


As I moved forward on my journey through this life, the memory of the Lady in white periodically echoed in my conscious mind. I remembered her advice to ‘never give up’ as I went through my own personal hardships and growing pains. On many occasions the memory of this mystical experience was the necessary fuel that kept me moving forward in life.


It is soul crushing to live as a magical being while maintaining the false belief you are just like everyone else. Each of us has something unique and special to contribute to this world. Each of us is a seedling of change, planted in the physical world during a powerful time of transformation as we co-create the new paradigm, moving steadfast into the Age of Aquarius.


We diminish our Self by making comparisons to others and trying to fit in with the rest of the crowd. I was 40 years old before I finally fully accepted myself, made peace with my shadow, and embraced all my unique facets.


Working with different goddesses over the years, I have discovered that each and every deity from every pantheon is already within us. Each goddess I felt drawn to learn about and work with revealed qualities and gifts I did not know I even possessed.


Truth be told, these gifts were always within me, as are all the Mysteries. The keys to the Universe are hidden within us but we cannot access them until we learn how to be still and silent, like the earth.


The human race is collectively healing from the previous paradigm and the ancient gods and goddesses are rising up once again as archetypal forces within us. The memory of the Ancients is stirring within us and we are re-membering ourselves back into wholeness again.


Recent studies in epigenetics are showing us that we are carrying the emotional & physical traumas of previous generations within our DNA. So when we heal, we are not only healing our Selves, we are also healing what our Ancestors could not while they were alive.


Many goddesses are awakening today with strong warrior spirits. Wild women have become the initiators of change, which is greatly needed at this time. Rebellious and defiant, they reject the old rules and laws in pursuit of truth.


And this Awakening isn’t limited to women. Goddess energy is awakening in men, too. Beautiful and strong, the goddess is expressed in every shape, color, and size. Shouting from the mountaintop, people are reclaiming their power.


The energy Awakening within humanity at this time will certainly cause a great deal of unrest as we adjust to new frequencies and learn to live consciously. Irritations and frustrations rise within us as motivators to create necessary changes in our lives.


This inner ‘fire’ power is being activated now so we may utilize it to manifest change. That which irritates you in this world is actually calling you to take action. Rumi beautifully describes this feeling of unrest in his poetry as a ‘divine discontent’. When you start taking action as you are called to do, anger dissipates.


However, we have been taught to disregard our feelings, stuffing them down deep inside us until we can’t feel them anymore. We have a glass of wine or reach for a pill or something outside of us to dull the emotional pain, never learning how to fully process this powerful energy through us.


It’s time to call back our power as we heal and take steps to live in peace with each other. It is time for us reclaim our sacredness and that which has been suppressed and repressed within us. It’s time to create new associations with Life and BE the change we want to see in this world.


Unfolding to the many facets of my goddess nature has been akin to discovering a buried treasure within the Self. The essence of the goddess has helped me heal, evolve, and become WHOLE. My soul is free.


I am free to create, free to express, and free to BE a goddess incarnate.


Working with the fire goddesses helped me transform my anger, focus my intention and direct my will. Working with the sea and lunar goddesses helped me tune-in to the ebb and flow of my emotional tides as I honed my intuitive skills.


Bountiful earth goddesses taught me about manifestation, how to physically heal, and embody the frequency of Love. Underworld goddesses assisted me in bringing the light of my own consciousness into the hidden depths of the unconscious, creating deep and powerful transformations, within and without.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

– C.G. Jung


Years later, while undergoing my own Reiki training, I sent healing back to every year in my life. As I sent Reiki energy back to the first time I encountered the Lady in white, I had the profound realization that she is, in fact, ME.


Everything is possible.

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