The Weaver’s Web: Enchanting Photos of Spiderwebs

The Weaver’s Web: Enchanting Photos of Spiderwebs

[wr_row][wr_column span=”span12″][wr_text el_title=””]Here are some enchanting photos from my recent spiritual pilgrimage. These were taken on a foggy morning stroll in the quaint village of Llansaint in Wales.

The wisdom of the Weaver and the threads of Awen have been powerful teachers to me, of late. Can you tell?

The legend of Grandmother Spiderwoman gifts us with sacred wisdom teachings. It has been told that she sang her song of creation over dirt and rocks, bringing the beauty of life and aliveness into this physical world.

In many of the ancient texts it has been written that sound is the beginning of creation… I carried her sacred story with me in silence as I walked down the narrow streets this foggy morning. Little did I know that my own soul’s song would also be emerging from deep within me on this journey…

The magical threads of the Weaver and the sacred song of creation sung by Grandmother Spiderwoman holds the underlying blueprint of perfection and this physical reality together…. The patterns and geometric designs in the web teaches us to be precise and clear in our intentions and in all our creative endeavors.

The webs that we weave, the lines that we cast out into the world through our intentions to attract specific energies are ancient powerful forces and should be revered as sacred…

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Spiderweb on the wall next to a cemetery…


Spiderweb on the cemetery gate!


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